Why Barbering Might Be For You

Love a good straight razor shave? Passionate about grooming the perfect mustache? Want to do it all on your own terms? Barbering might be for you. At Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy, our barbering program can provide you with the practical skills, theoretical knowledge, and professional attitude you need in the barbering world. If you’re an independent spirit and want to take control of your career, keep reading to learn why you should become a barber.

The facade of a barber shop.

You Can Be Your Own Boss

It’s rare to get the chance to be your own boss. As a barber, you may have the chance to not only work for yourself but to open your own successful business. You can work with a company, rent a chair in a shop, work as a mobile barber, or create your own shop from the ground up. This career gives you the chance to make decisions for yourself.


Barbering allows you to express your creative side on the daily. Whether you’re helping a client maintain a full beard or styling fades, faux hawks, and pompadours, barbers get to create art every single day. If you’re into social media, it can be a great platform to show off what you create, become a potential trendsetter, and increase your client base.

Barber uses electric trimmer to cut man's fade.

Work With People

If you’re a people person by nature, then you need to interact with others on a daily basis. When you work as a barber you’ll meet and spend time with a variety of people every single day. These daily interactions with clients could lead to important connections and even lasting friendships. When you’re helping clients look and feel their best every day, it can build up your confidence.

A Mobile Career

Unlike many careers, barbering is a skill you can take anywhere. If you have the travel bug, need to move for personal reasons, or can’t stand staying in one city for too long, you’re in luck. Barbers are needed all over the world, so it is possible that you could get a job as a barber wherever you decide to live.

A graphic of different men's hair and beard styles.

A Dynamic Work Environment

As a barber, you’ll never get the chance to be bored. Every day is different and trends are changing constantly, whether it’s a new product or a new hairstyle. Each person who sits in your chair is going to ask you for something unique. You’ll always need to be aware of what’s in style if you want to give your clients exactly what they want.

Learn More About Barbering

To learn more about a potential future as a barber, check out our program at Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy. Start your independent future now and contact us.

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