What Makes a Good Cosmetologist a Great Hairstylist?

A lot of students come to us right after graduating high school and after taking a tour of the cosmetology school campus or meeting some of our hair & beauty instructors, and immediately turn to us and say something to the effect of, “this is exactly what I’ve always wanted to do, and I’m so happy because now I have finally found a place that’s going to help me do it!” For us at the cosmetology school, it’s extremely exciting to hear these words – we imagine that countless greats throughout the course of history often felt the same way – Einstein, when he first began to develop the Theory of Relativity, or Galileo when he began to design his first telescope in 1609… and while you may feel that you’re just a cosmetology student, keep in mind that the greats all got their start somewhere…

So what makes a good hairstylist or a good cosmetologist great and effective in their art form? To answer this question, we feel that the cosmetology student should take the time to explore their own desires and search for what it is that they want to do, or bring to the table as a hairstylist. True, there are countless fields you can dive into as a hairstylist, and what separates a mediocre hairstylist from a truly great one, we’ve often found, is education and foundation. All the greats, no matter what field or genre we’re talking about, got their start within a solid education and building their understanding of their respective field through developing a foundation… In cosmetology, it’s no different – we want our students to have the freedom to explore and find new avenues and to create relentlessly. But as mentioned, every great artist starts with a foundation, and that’s what we try to instill in our students at Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy in Santa Ana, CA.

A Little Bit of Knowledge from One of the World’s Best Hairstylists

One of the most significant and influential hairstylists in the world, Sally Hershberger was one of the many hairdressers and stylists that got into the beauty and cosmetology industry on a whim, learned the basics and earned a solid foundation within cosmetology and later went on to develop her own brand as a world-renown hairstylist and cosmetologist. World-renown hairstylist, entrepreneur and business owner Sally Hershberger recently told Forbes magazine:

“I never planned to be a hairdresser. When I was younger, at my mother’s urging, I set out to look for a job. A friend recommended I go to a beauty school and work with the famous hairdresser – Arthur Johns — which I did. But I didn’t think I’d stay in hair. Then, I met Olivia Newton John and I went on tour with her. She was huge then, doing her “Let’s Get Physical” tour. Herb Ritts was shooting her and said that we should work together. Before I knew it, I was thrown into doing Vanity Fair covers, Vogue covers, working with Annie Lebovitz and Herb Ritts and other top photographers. But I still didn’t think it would be for the long term. As a woman, I was into my own hair and knew that great hair gave me confidence. I’m also very visual and into other creative pursuits as well. I left hairdressing for a while to become a photographer (Vogue gave me my first job), then I launched a clothing line which was successful in a number of top stores, but I felt it was too much work in addition to being in hair. Even when I was a photographer, I kept getting pulled back into hair… As a stylist, I’d ask for a lot of money, because I valued the art of hair styling. I saw how hair could transform people and give them confidence. And you can’t put a price tag on that. People started saying I was the most expensive hairdresser. And it was news because I happened to be a woman. The reality was that it didn’t feel like a male-dominated world to me. I was Sally in my world – I did it my own way.” (via Forbes.com)

Sally later launched her own hair care product line named ‘Sally Hershberger Professional Hair Care’ in 2008, and maintains an active role in her three successful beauty and hair salons throughout LA & NYC. But ask Sally and she’ll probably be the first to admit that it started with a dream, and pursuit of that dream of becoming a great cosmetologist through education… and that’s what we aim to help each and every one of our cosmetology students develop while here at Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy. We want to help you learn the basic cosmetology skills that will hopefully help you prepare and pass the California Cosmetology State Board Examinations and then begin taking on your first clients as you develop a style all your own.

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Our world-class cosmetology school located in the heart of Orange County, CA is geared towards helping beauty, hair and makeup students pave the way towards a future of success in the cosmetology field – whether you want to be a well-rounded cosmetologist, makeup artist (MUA), esthetician, nail technician, barber or hairstylist or hair dresser, our proven program is focused on our students’ success.

We Believe Foundation is Everything When it Comes to Becoming a Hair Stylist

Once you’ve laid down that foundation at one of the best cosmetology schools in Orange County, California, it’s time to take action. Pass the state cosmetology exams and work hard to chase and develop your dreams. If you want to be a hairstylist, be the best one you can be; honor the stylists that came before you and paved the way for your success. Learn the foundation and apply the fundamentals to your daily work and let them shine in your technique. Many people graduate from cosmetology school and immediately begin working at a salon or as freelance stylists, makeup artists or estheticians. While we feel it’s important to pursue your career and begin learning what life in the field is actually like for a cosmetologist or stylist, it’s also important to stick to the basics and let them guide you throughout working with your first clients. Many successful cosmetology students knew what has worked for other great artists and while they challenge themselves and their art form each day, they aren’t necessarily focused on reinventing the wheel – they use what works to their advantage.

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