How to Use Prom Looks in Your Everyday

Prom is over unfortunately, but it was so much fun preparing for it, right? Finding the perfect dress, watching countless makeup tutorials, and practicing styling your hair. However, all that planning and prepping you did doesn’t have to go to waste! In fact, there are a bunch of different ways you can turn your amazing prom looks into everyday wear. You don’t have to lose that planning-for-prom high, just check out some of our ideas here!

How to Wear a Prom Dress Every Day of the Year

Okay maybe every day of the year is pushing it a little, but there are certainly a lot of dresses out there that you can tweak slightly or buy a variation of that would allow you wear at least one a week! No one wants to wear a ballgown every day so try one or two of these simpler variations below mixed and matched with your regular casual wear!

If you wore a shorter dress to prom, our favorite hack is to pair it with a denim jacket or colorful blazer. It takes a fancy dress down a few notches and allows you to wear it with sneakers and a backpack!

Dark green short prom dress.

Zara brand denim jacket.

Was your gown a two-piece? Pair that top with some jeans, a skirt, or some flowy high-waisted pants!

A blonde woman in front of a car wearing a white top with a long floral skirt.

Black and beige striped pants worn by a woman on a white backdrop.

If your dress wasn’t really everyday wear, you can still find regular dresses that make you feel like you’re at prom anyway! Try something like these with some layered jewelry and one of those pretty updos you found on Pinterest.

A woman wearing a yellow dress, heels, and sunglasses walks toward the camera.

A Korean woman wearing a pink off the shoulder dress.

It’s 2018, guys. That means that not everyone wore a dress to prom. Our final prom dress hack isn’t even a dress hack, but rather a suit hack! If you were looking dapper in a clean cut tux or a crisp suit, we suggest swapping that jacket out for something a little more casual. Try pairing your dressy pants, shoes, and button up with a leather or denim jacket. Keep it dark to really keep those prom vibes going!

Take this.

Zendaya Coleman wearing a pink and black suit on a busy street.

Add this.

A woman wearing floral pants and a denim jacket on a blank background.

Prom Hair, but Make it Casual

Now that you’ve got a killer outfit for any day of the week, let’s move on to those lovely hairdos we love so much, shall we?

Let’s start with the extremely popular trend of doing intricate braids for all occasions. Did you do something lovely like this for your prom?

The back of a woman's head with dark hair in a prom style updo.

A simple way to make this a touch more casual is to remove any crowns, flowers, or decorated pins you had in your original prom look, and take down half the hair. It should look something like this.

A blonde woman with a braid crown.

This is a great casual look that doesn’t take much time to accomplish! Another way you can play with the braided prom look is to move those braids to the front like this.

A woman with dirty blonde hair looks away from the camera.

Did you go a different route? What about the classic ballerina bun? We get it. There’s that whole princess feeling that comes with a ballerina bun. You can make it a little more casual though, just take this…

A woman wearing a black dress with a ballerina bun high on her head.

…and turn it into this.

A blonde woman holds her sweater collar with a braid leading into a ballerina bun.

You can achieve this look by beginning upside down. That’s right, flip your hair upside down and begin your french braid at the nape of your neck. When you hit the top of your head simply wrap your extra hair into a bun and ouila! Keep it messy to maintain your casual status.

Another classically beautiful prom look is long hair down your back in neat waves.

A woman with long brown curly hair looks away from the camera.

A simple way to style your hair like this but make it a little more dressed down is to mess up those curls! To achieve the below look curl your hair just like you did for prom, then add in a texturizing spray or mouse and a few braids. Perfectly messy, but still a little classy.

A woman shows off her blonde and brown wavy hair.

Short Hair, Don’t Care

We get that not everyone has lovely flowing Rapunzel hair, which is why we even have some casual short hair looks that will still make you feel like you could walk into a prom at any moment!

First, if you went to prom with your hair looking like this…

A woman with a red shirt and short brown hair looks directly at camera.

You can still keep that far side part, but tone the curls down to a messy wave like this.

A selfie of a pretty blonde woman with blue eyes and a striped shirt.

Now that you’ve got delightful hairstyles for your everyday, it’s time to talk makeup.

Bright Makeup Isn’t Just for Prom

Who doesn’t love those inspirational makeup tutorials where the artist always comes out looking flawless and amazing? Well, as difficult as it can be to achieve those lofty looks, you can still do a subtler version in your everyday life. Here are a few of our favorite looks that you might have worn for prom, only toned down.

Let’s take a page out of Nikkie Tutorials’ book and try toning down this admittedly intense blue smokey eye.

Here you still have that dark blue incorporated, but it’s much more wearable for school or work.

A closeup of brown eyes with glittery blue eyeshadow.

We are loving Demi Lovato’s purple pastel in this image, and it’s honesty perfect for prom. Maybe not everyday life though.

I️ ? Birmingham ?: @angelokritikos

A post shared by Demi Lovato (@ddlovato) on

To tone this down, try this instead! By swapping out that bright purple for a slightly shinier one, it becomes less dramatic, though still lovely. Stay closer to your natural lid shape as well to tone it down.

A closeup of a woman's brown eye with glitter purple eyeshadow.

Red lips are a classic, right? Here’s one interesting alternative that doesn’t quite shout “prom” as much as bright red.

A black woman with freckles, winged eyeliner, and stunning red lips.

A closeup of a woman with tangerine lipstick.

Tangerine lips, who knew?

Finally, here’s one incredibly intense makeup look that could really only be worn to either prom or maybe a fashion show. We love it though. How will we tone this down for an everyday look?

A closeup of a woman's eyes with green and gold glitter, purple eyebrows.

BOOM! Simply remove most of that color and in place of the glitter, apply a little shimmer. Keep it interesting with a half-filled in wing.

A step by step of a simple eyeliner and blue eyeshadow makeup look.

If you’re feeling confident, you can even wear the original look. Who says you can’t wear mermaid makeup every day?

Practice Prom Looks Professionally

Prom 2018 sure was a lovely show of beautiful dresses, hair, and makeup. We certainly loved all the practicing and planning that went into it, though we’re sad that it only lasted for one night.

If you have found that you have a passion for all things prom-inspired, it might be time to begin practicing it professionally. At Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy we train future beauty professionals to do just that! Our students can prepare to enter the beauty field and practice their passion for all things cosmetology in as little as 16 months. Do you think you have what it takes to bring your prom look to the rest of the world? We’d love to hear from you. Call us today at 833-841-4200, or you can fill out this form for more information.