The Do’s & Don’ts of Owning Your Own Nail Salon in OC

Anyone who’s been to Orange County knows: we have A LOT of Nail Salons and boutique nail technicians that line our crowded streets and small plazas. If you have visited anywhere in Orange County, you’re more than likely to have seen a few nail salons along your way. Nowadays, people want to look and feel good, and that’s where the Nail Technician and Nail Salon come into play… If you’ve taken a look at what it takes to start and own your own Nail Salon in Orange County, and are wondering what it takes in order to kick start your life and get a career in the ever-changing and always paying barbering and cosmetology as well as the never-slowing nail care industry. Maybe you’ve just graduated and have always wanted to be a business owner, or you’re just simply not into the entire idea of working a dead-end job for someone else and want to earn money as a Nail Salon Owner in Orange County today.

If you have always wanted to become a Nail Technician and/or Owner of a Nail Salon in OC or California as a whole, and have always loved working with nails and nail art, performing manicures and pedicures, then owning your own Nail Salon is a great way to make a living as your own boss! Keep in mind that owning your own Nail Salon is quite a bit different than simply becoming a Nail Technician in Orange County. It’s a position that requires not only some good cosmetology knowledge & experience, but also experience as a real-world business owner, along with customer service, some marketing knowledge and employee training skills as well.

You can walk into any Nail Salon in Orange County and ask Nail Salon owner or anyone who has ever tried to even manage a Nail Salon, and more than likely they’ll let you know just how trying it can be to actually own or manage that beautiful nail spa. They’ll tell you that while it’s not exactly a very easy way to make a living, if you’re the right person with the right character, experience and dedication, then it’s definitely going to be very rewarding owning your own Nail Salon in Orange County. So let’s say you know you’ve got everything it takes and that owning your own Nail Spa is all you’ve been thinking about for as long as you can remember. Let’s say that you’re ready to make your move but you’re unsure of how to start or even where to look for information… well, that’s where your cosmetology education and choosing the best cosmetology school for nail technicians comes into play.

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Owning & Managing Your Own Nail Salon or Nail Spa: Where to Begin

First things first, if you want to own or manage your own nail salon or nail spa in Orange County, you will need to know the actual trade itself. You’ll want to get as much knowledge as you can about the product and services you offer as an owner, so that means becoming a cosmetologist first. Successful Nail Salon owners in OC know that before owning an actual salon or day spa, you’ll want to become a licensed cosmetologist in Orange County so that you can become proficient at your own trade.

If you’re in Southern California or close to Orange County, there’s one school that’s revered as the best cosmetology school to attend if you want to own or manage your own Nail Salon, and that is Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy in Santa Ana, California. They offer Nail Technician and Nail Art cosmetology courses and their main goal is to ensure that a cosmetology student earns the practical skills, theoretical cosmetology knowledge, business & customer service ethics as well as the professional attitudes necessary for success as a Nail Salon owner. Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy in Santa Ana, CA will also will help prepare the student not just as a Nail Technician, but to see what it is like – day after day in the field – working in the salon, managing it and working in the trenches alongside other nail technicians. Once the cosmetology school graduates and passes all subsequent examinations, they will be qualified to work as a licensed Nail Technician and cosmetologist in any licensed facility in the state of California, including their very own nail salon!

Is it Important to Go to Cosmetology School in Order to Own My Own Nail Salon?

In one word, YES!!! The Nail Technician training classes at Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy in Orange County are put together in a way that is meant to give future Nail Tech students a very clear look at what a day in the life of a Nail Salon Owner in Orange County really looks like. This is important because you can experience what it’s like to work on nails, performing pedicures, manicures, nail art and learning the basics and standards of sterilization and cleanliness as well as the different cosmetology codes in California before you actually graduate and start in the field. Obviously this is a drastic difference than say what an Engineer may experience – they usually don’t know what it’s like to work as an actual engineer until deep into their college experience.

At Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy in Orange County, students experience a real-life Nail Salon setting to develop their nail and manicure / pedicure skills on actual other students and clients, instead of only on mannequins, and that they also get that real-world actual Nail Salon customer service experience that is vital to business owners. So YES. If you want to own your own Nail Salon in Orange County or California, you should definitely go to cosmetology school, and why pick anything less than the best – go to Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy in Santa Ana, California!

You’ll learn and witness the live, day-to-day operations and experience the real nail salon work as performed by actual nail technicians in Orange County in the best nail salons and spas today! You’ll build your vocabulary, work on your nail and nail art theory and then put it all to actual use with real people in a real nail salon setting! A good Nail Tech is expected to be well-rounded in their field, knowledgeable, customer friendly, display a good attitude and have a professional appearance. All these areas are covered throughout the course of study… however a Nail Salon owner has to have all of the above attributes, but they must also exhibit excellent customer service, business, marketing and management experience, all on top of the cosmetology skills. While it can be trying at times, real Nail Salon owners in Orange County will tell you that it’s worth it.

Going to Cosmetology School to Own Your Own Nail Salon in OC

Make no mistake about it, owning your very own Nail Salon offers some fantastic perks as well as some great work that is rewarding alongside the tough days that any business owner experiences. As a Nail Salon owner who doubles as a professional cosmetologist and Nail Technician, you will offer a personal service unlike what anything others can offer to your clients. You’ll help your clients relax at your Nail Spa as well as make their hands and feet look and feel beautiful and healthy.

But what comes first should be obvious, even though a lot of business owners don’t think about it before it’s too late. Once you’ve decided to open a spa or Nail Salon, your next step should be putting together an actual business plan for opening your own Nail Salon in Orange County. Don’t be afraid to ask for help & advice from people who have already done it already – people you’ll want to mirror, and above all else remember – your plan should take into consideration your qualifications as well as the spa & Nail Salon staff’s as well.

So yes, even though there are a many things to keep in mind when opening your own Nail Salon in Orange County, we wanted to highlight a few for you in this blog, as a means to get the ideas flowing and hopefully illustrate what it would take to own your own Nail Salon:

  • You will want to have some Nail Salon or Nail Spa Experience: You’ll want to have worked as a Nail Technician or at least have been educated as one. As a Nail Salon owner, this is a big one. You should have prior work experience in the field you’re working – it’s a no-brainer. True cosmetology experience includes work as a nail tech, in a licensed Nail Salon, or simply working as an assistant Nail Salon manager. If you have no prior experience, we feel that it’s important to spend time with an experienced Nail Salon owner. Try to attend Nail Industry workshops and try to speak to people on industry forums online. Besides Nail Art and Industry workshops, you may also try to enroll in seminars and participate in local chambers where business owners gather each month
  • Get the cash together! Financing your Nail Salon: this is self-explanatory, but it’s a big part of owning your own Nail Salon and being a successful business owner. Right now would be an great moment to begin searching and brainstorming for financing options and possibly also begin looking for possible locations for your new Nail Spa
  • Take your time – it’s vital that you do things in an order that makes sense: make sure that you’ve got your financing or at least a pre-approval before you look for a property. Otherwise, factors may come up that may inhibit you from opening your own Nail Salon. Try not to skimp out on any financing requirements; for instance, commercial banks desire previous tax forms and how much collateral you will provide them in exchange for a business loan. Also, your loan officer may want to know why you need financing… your reasons can range from purchasing equipment to meeting Nail Salon payroll as well as ongoing training and education for your staff
  • Salon locations are extremely vital when starting your own Nail Salon, so research and take note of different choices for your business location. Try to start your Nail Salon where you there’s a lot of foot traffic, though most of nail clients will come from word-of-mouth and prior satisfied customers who share where they got “that amazing manicure or pedicure” from. Another good thing to take into consideration is the locale’s price and what you’ll pay in exchange for a downtown or high-traffic urban setting, vs. a Nail Salon that is off the beaten path in a strip mall hidden between buildings or generally somewhere your clients will not want to travel to
  • Equipment: this is a big one! As a Nail Salon owner, you’re going to need equipment & supplies for your Nail Salon. From manicurists to customers, try to put together a list of things you’ll need, including everything you’ll need to keep your business running through the month. Try to connect with reputable Nail Salon suppliers and for sake of sanitary reasons, always avoid purchasing unknown equipment and supplies
  • One of the final and most important things you’ll need is the right staff of nail experts – techs that can perform everything from standard manicures and pedicures to funky nail art. As a Nail Salon owner, try starting with hiring a qualified Nail Salon manager and try to design the job description for your Nail Salon manager. Use this position as the turnkey umbrella that will run all other positions within the Nail Salon, and interview a lot before making any final decisions. Keep in mind that Nail Salon managers need to know about client bookings, how to run the reception area with proper floor coverage and banking/balancing procedures. Try to spend some time interviewing each person that wants to be your Nail Salon manager. While doing so, ask them what their plans are to outfit your entire Nail Salon with a solid nail spa staff – from technician to reception… it’ll tell you a lot about their management style and experience

Go to Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy if You Want to Own Your Own Nail Salon in OC

If everything we’ve said up until this point makes sense to you, and you still want to explore the career of a Licensed Nail Technician in California, as well as want to put in the time and effort to own your own Nail Salon in the State of California, you’ll want to call a licensed and accredited cosmetology school like Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy in Orange County, California.

Situated in the center of OC, in beautiful Santa Ana, Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy excels at fast-tracking students on the road to preparing owning their own Nail Salon in Orange County. Please call us today and let one of our friendly admissions advisors answer your questions and if you like, we can schedule a tour of our modern cosmetology school campus in Santa Ana, California free of charge, with no obligation.

Please call (888) 463-7869 and let us help you on the road to owning your own Nail Salon in California today and to find out more about our Nail Technician Program in OC, please visit us at today!