Take Special Effects Makeup Classes for Exciting Career Opportunities

Take special effects makeup classes.The makeup artist certification at Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy can be your ticket to a wide world of entertainment industry jobs. The program is only 600 credit hours. It takes only about six months to finish. The special effects makeup classes are some of the most fun for students. They allow budding makeup artists to really get creative. Of course, before you can go off on flights of fancy, you have to get the basics down. The makeup artist diploma starts with color theory. Students also get lessons on facial anatomy. These skills help them move on with confidence to the class called “Creating the Canvas”.

Do the Special Effects Makeup Course and Learn Runway Techniques

Once students have the basics, they move on to the special effects makeup course. These special effects makeup classes cover several topics. They work on camouflage makeup, to hide blemishes and scars. They also work on bridal and special event makeup. Photography makeup and runway makeup are other important classes. Instructors work with students on how to do makeup for movies, too. Finally, as their last class, students create a portfolio. This is what they show to clients and employers to showcase their skills. With brushes, pots of color, and plenty of practice, students at COBA can design the striking makeup you see in fashion magazines.

Check out the makeup artist diploma at COBA, then give us a call. We’d love to meet you and talk more about our programs.