Create a Special Effects Portfolio Starting at COBA

One of the best reasons to take special effects makeup classes at Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy is the practice you can get. Almost every class has both a classroom section and a practical section. Students get an overview of color theory. They also work on how lighting for film and photography affect different skin types. They practice preparing the skin for camera makeup. Special FX make up classes hone so many different skills.

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Why Build a Portfolio?

Southern California’s theatre scene provides many opportunities for grads to put special effects makeup classes to use. Seasonal work is also available. The haunted houses at the area amusement parks offer plenty of work in October. Later on, in December, there are special holiday performances. These mean that makeup artists are in demand. For artists who work on developing as many skills as possible, spring means wedding season. Many brides like to have a makeup artist come to their home or hotel. The artist does the makeup of the whole bridal party. The makeup industry is highly competitive. A portfolio full of good work can set you apart from the competition!

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