Take COBA’s Advanced Esthetics Class

Take the advanced esthetician class.Many people wonder what they will do once they complete their basic esthetician class. Many grads want to jump right into working. However, others want advanced training. Extra training can make an esthetician more competitive on the job market. Many salons offer more complex or medical treatments. Knowing how to do these procedures is a great way to get a better position. COBA offers advanced esthetics training. This program takes six months to finish. Students in the advanced esthetics school must first complete the basic training. Altogether, the two esthetician class programs take 13 months to complete.

Continue Esthetician School for More In-Depth Training

The advanced course covers many skin types in detail. There is a discussion of mature skin care. Instructors go over acne-prone skin and rosacea. Students learn to do advanced spa treatments. Examples include body wraps, exfoliation, and masks. Instructors also teach medical treatments. They also learn how to do manual and mechanical lymphatic treatments. Students practice chemical peels and corrective makeup. They also go over advanced massage. Instructors and students discuss how to do intake for clients. They practice pre- and post-operative care, too. In addition, they go over state laws governing esthetic care.

Students get the same high level of classroom time and hands-on practice. First, they learn to do treatments on a mannequin. Once they have mastered the techniques, they do the procedure on other people. At the end of the program, students get a diploma. They then study to take the exam and get their license. Once they have a license, they can explore the job market. Many grads find work in medical salons.  Others go to work in day spas. Advanced training opens many doors in the working world.

Find out more about the advanced esthetics program at COBA. Talk to a counselor and decide if it’s right for you.

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