Barbering: The Potential for a Self-Fulfilling Career

Taking barbering classes is a great way to start on a path toward an interesting career. It is also the legal and ethical way to start your career as a barber! Did you know that a license is required to practice as a professional barber in CA? That licensure starts with an education! Once you’ve become licensed, you’ll be able to explore what the field has to offer.


A barber license can give you a lot of flexibility for work. There are lots of options. Working in a salon or barbershop is a common first step. From there, owning your own shop may be the next ideal move. However, one of the latest trends in the barbering world is the mobile barber shop. Outfit a van or RV with barber chairs, sinks, and the tools of the trade. Many even offer a premium service with drinks and snacks. This can be a great way to travel and do what you love!


A barber license can be your ticket to owning your own business! As stated above, a common goal for barber is shop ownership. A mobile barbershop can have lots of advantages. First of all, you can work as much or as little as you need to. Next, overhead will be less than a traditional salon, since there are no leasing or station fees. Owing to the fast pace of life in Southern California, many people find they don’t have time for appointments. So a mobile barber can advertise to lawyers, doctors, and other busy professionals. It’s convenient for them to come out to the van for a haircut, then go straight back to work. A mobile barber can also help busy people get ready for important events on the site of the event. Awards ceremonies, weddings, and other important functions all require attendees to look their best. The services of a mobile barber are indispensable for these types of events.

black and white photo of a skilled barber cutting a man's hair with clippers

Scheduling Options

If you work for yourself, it is likely that you’ll set your own schedule. Being the boss can keep you busy, but you can decide! This is a huge bonus for people who might have other obligations like families or hobbies.

Grow Others

You can also help others grow as barbers by employing a few pros or a team. Watching someone flourish under your supervision or help can be incredibly rewarding and fun! If you have a passion for people, becoming an owner or manager can help you feel personally successful.

Are You Barber Material?

If this sounds like a great way to spend your day, contact Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy. Find out about barbering classes!

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