Summer School? Stay Focused and Reach Your Dreams!

You have known what you want to do, you may have even enrolled in school to make that dream a reality.

You are on your way!

No matter how determined or ready you are, sometimes things just get in the way. It could be something big like time commitments or a family emergency. Or it could be something as simple as losing focus during the summer months.

Don’t let these become roadblocks to your future!

Here are five simple tips that can help you re-group, re-focus, and keep your sights on your dreams!

  1. Set Time Aside for You

    woman on desk meditating while papers fly

    Taking care of yourself is important and no time is more important to give yourself a focus than when you are struggling with something. This may seem counterintuitive, we are often taught to just keep “plowing through” or “fake it until you make it” and while those values have some merit, doing something for yourself can ultimately have a much greater benefit.

    Find something you love and set a goal to do it a few times a week. You can even set a calendar event or reminder on your phone to help you remember. There may be times that you may not want to, but taking these moments can really help to refuel you and recenter your focus.

  2. Keep a Calendar

    woman at desk staying organized with a calendar

    Life gets busy. Just juggling school and life can be hectic. You add a family or a full-time job to that and you may suddenly find yourself struggling to keep everything straight. Create a calendar and share it with those closest to you so that you can keep track of events, commitments and more.

    Website and apps like google.calendar and calendly can be a great resource to help you keep everything moving, and everyone around you informed as to what is going on.

  3. Set Sliding Goals

    smiling woman points to bulls eye of the words goals

    It’s important to have goals. But sometimes saying “I am going to become a popular cosmetologist” can feel a little overwhelming. Set smaller goals that can help feed into your larger plans. This can help you take the smaller steps you need to create the future you want for yourself.

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  4. Don’t Forget to Reward Yourself

    successful athletic woman with her arms raised up triumphantly

    One of the greatest things about setting sliding goals is that you increase your “wins.” One of the biggest things that can lead to burnout is not feeling like you are making an impact on your goals. Give yourself permission to celebrate every success, and learn from every failure.

    Find things that you love, but haven’t done or don’t do often, to reward yourself with, win or lose, and take the time to celebrate. You deserve it.

  5. Share Your Accolades

    camera looks up to three smiling young woman in a circle

    It’s one thing to celebrate yourself, but give your support team the chance to celebrate you as well. Don’t be scared to share your accomplishments, no matter how small, and let your support team party with you!

    Even if things aren’t going perfectly, do not be scared to share! Sometimes you need more than just cheers, you need support, and never forget that your friends and family are there for you.

Get Going On Your Goals!

It’s time to dig in deep and turn your dreams into reality.

With a little bit of hard work, anything is possible! At Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy we are ready to help you build the skills to let your dreams take flight.

Contact us today for information about our classes, and get ready to get started! You’ve got this!

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