Beach-Proof Your Hair With These 5 Great Tips!

Sun. Surf. Sea.

It sounds like the perfect California summer. At Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy, we live in the warm California sun all year-round, so when we talk about protecting your hair from the harsh summer weather, we know a thing or two.

Plus, we know more than just the sun. We know the surf, we know the heat, and we even know a little bit about the humidity.

No matter where your summer is taking you, our tips are sure to help you, and your hair, turn heads.

  1. Condition Deep

    Woman deep conditioning her hair

    Deep conditioners are great for your hair year-round, but when used as a protectant from the rough seasonal elements they can make an even bigger impact on your hair. Deep conditioning for about ten minutes before shampooing on the days you spend in the sun and surf can help to protect your hair all day long.

    In addition, if you have spent a few days in a row in the sun, deep conditioning after your excursions can help to repair any damage and renew any lost moisture.

  2. Bob and Weave

    Woman in the sun with a braid and a hat

    Hair gets tangled. It’s just what it does, and the longer your hair the higher the chance for tangles. When you are spending your time on a windy beach, or even in the water, the chances for those tangley locks increase by nearly two hundred percent. Well, not really, but you get the idea.

    One of the best ways to protect your hair from the tangles that can cause breakage, is by styling your hair in a braid or loose bun before hitting the beach. Not only will this help protect your hair, but it can keep you looking great all day!

  3. Coconuts Are for the Beach

    woman at the beach eating a coconut

    Sitting on an island paradise, drinking out of a coconut, and watching the sunset. It is the perfect image for any beach getaway, but don’t think that coconut is only good as a vessel for your drinks. Coconut oil is a great hydrator for hair!

    Applying coconut oil as a mask to your hair after intense sun exposure can help to restore the moisture that the sun has sucked away. Just apply liberally to your lengths, wrap, and let soak for a bit. Plus, when you wash it away you will smell divine.

  4. Sunscreen, It’s Not Just For Skin

    woman putting on sunscreen

    Sunscreen is a must for any trip to the beach. While you should never forget to apply a sunscreen and moisturizer to any exposed skin, many people often forget to apply the same protection to your hair.

    While many people may not have even heard of these products, hair sunscreens have been around for a while. Find a good brand and make sure to apply as directed to help give your hair an added layer of protection.

  5. Clean and Protect

    A shower in the beach

    Of course, one of the best things you can do to keep your hair looking great is to keep it clean. Make sure to wash your hair after any outside or water exposure to wash out any sea salt or chlorine. Since these can be harmful to your hair, thoroughly cleaning your locks after exposure is the best line of defense.

    Want an extra layer of protection? Spray your hair with a good leave-in conditioner after washing.

Here is a Bonus Tip!

Drink the recommended amount of water every day.

While especially important during the summer, you should be doing this year-round to help keep your body healthy, and hydrated inside and out.

Are you feeling beach ready?

Take it from us, follow these steps and you could find yourself going from the queen of frizz, to the enchantress of sun.

Do you have tricks that you use to keep your skin and hair looking its best? Let us know!

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