How to Succeed as a Hairstylist in Orange County

Choose the Top Hair Styling School in Orange County

The most important part of setting yourself up for a successful career as a Hair Stylist is to start with the right knowledge and to master the skills. You can create a solid foundation for succeeding as a hairdresser in Southern California by choosing to attend the best Hairstylist School in Orange County. That school is Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy in beautiful Santa Ana, California. Centrally located in the heart of OC, and accessible from a multitude of different freeways, our safe and modern multi-level campus offers Hairstyling students the best of all worlds. We’ve got passionate and knowledgeable world-class instructors who are familiar with the industry, excellent schedules and hours, and financial aid to those who qualify. We’re members of all the best organizations and accredited through the State, plus we’ve got the best Hair School facilities in Orange County and one of the best Hairdressing Schools in the entire nation.

Build Your Client Fan Base by Growing Your Social Media Following

Any professional Southern California Makeup Artist can tell you that word of mouth has moved online! These days, social media is beyond essential and an incredibly powerful way to highlight your work as a Hairstylist. More often than not, potential clients and employers will look to your social media presence to decide whether your work is the right fit for them. If you’re going to be a successful Hair Stylist in Orange County or the surrounding areas like glam-centric Los Angeles, you need to make sure that your work is out there for all to see.

By beginning to build your social media following while you study at Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy, you will ensure that you graduate with a devoted fan base already primed to become your future clients. By showcasing your work online you’ll be able to grow your following as a successful Hairdresser, whether it be through Facebook likes, Pinterest re-pins, Instagram followers, or YouTube subscribers. The more social media platforms you display your Hair Dressing skills, the more your name is tied to your work as a talented Hairstylist in Orange County.

While attending Orange County’s top Beauty School, Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy, and working towards your career as a professional SoCal Hair Stylist use Instagram, YouTube tutorials and Pinterest for inspiration. Try out the skills you’re learning in our Hairstylist Courses to recreate looks for practice. Once you’ve perfected the looks, be imaginative and create your own original looks to showcase and add to your online virtual portfolio.

To Succeed in the Southern California Beauty Industry Networking is a Must

The beauty industry in an area like SoCal where competition is fierce, it’s truly all about who you know. As you will come to learn in your career as an Orange County Hairstylist, most clients come to you through referrals. The more connections you can make, the better your chances of getting that dream job.

Getting yourself out there in the Hair industry is the key and networking is a huge must! Attending Beauty industry events is your best chance to rub elbows with influential Hairstylists and get to know beauty company big wigs. Making a good impression with industry leaders could help you get your big break as a professional Hairstylist in Southern California. However, don’t limit yourself to socializing and interacting just with other Hair professionals, hook up with a Makeup Artist to make a perfect duo for weddings or photoshoots or branch out to pros in photography and fashion too and create your own glam squad.

Be sure to connect online as well by networking with Instagram stars and connecting with other Hair bloggers or popular YouTube beauty gurus. A feature of your work on their page or a mention of your name on their channel will broaden your audience by putting you out there in front of what could be millions of their followers. With the training you’ll receive through Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy, you’ll have the skills and confidence it takes to succeed as a professional Hairstylist in Southern California!

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