After Special Effects Makeup Training – Potential Job Opportunities

So you’re considering getting a makeup artist diploma and focusing on special effects makeup training. It’s always been your dream, but you wonder what sort of job you can find at the end of the program. Living in Southern California, there are actually a lot of choices. Here are a few to consider!

Get special effects makeup training and great jobs.


We’re lucky to have lots of local theaters. Many have full performance schedules. Someone who knows how to do stage makeup is necessary for a good theatre troupe. Southern California is a great place to be with an education in special effects! If you live for the lights and applause of stage performances, we highly recommend considering this career. Those who have taken drama and art classes before may find their dream career here.

Local Colleges

Another fun choice is to work at a local college. You can teach courses during the day. Then help student actors and artists learn to do makeup to bring their characters to life. Teaching is a fun way to learn more about yourself and help others thrive. There may also be an opportunity to help out the college’s theatre department.

A model with special effects makeup that looks like leaves and flowers.

TV or Film

Taking a special effects makeup course is also a great way to get into television or film. There are plenty of ways to become famous, and doing special effects could be your path toward stardom!

The Benefits

One of the best things about special effects makeup training is the amount of flexibility these jobs have. Maybe you want to become an actress. As you work on building your portfolio for acting, you can do makeup to earn your living. If you’d like to work but still have time to take care of your family, being a makeup artist is a good choice. While freelancing, you make your own hours and take on as much work as you can work around your family’s schedule. You can also open a studio in your home, to maximize your profit and minimize overhead costs.

Learn More

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