Plan Well and Make Time to Finish the Esthetician Class on Time

Take the esthetician class at COBA.Once you’ve decided to take the esthetician class at Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy (COBA), you have to figure out how to organize your time. Going to COBA is a great way to start working quickly. The esthetician program takes about seven months to complete. If you decide to go on and do the advanced esthetics course, that’s another six months. This is much shorter and less expensive compared to a bachelor’s degree. However, it’s still a pretty long commitment.

Tips for Success in COBA’s Esthetician Course

For students to be successful at the esthetician class, they need to do some planning first. There are lots of things to think about. Maybe you’ll have to keep working while you’re in school. Be sure to talk to your boss before classes start. Make sure you can fit your work around your class schedule. If your boss isn’t flexible, it might be better to keep working and save up money. Also remember that COBA can help you find financial aid to make school affordable.

You also should make sure your friends and family know you have to make school your top priority. Going out and taking trips shouldn’t come before classes. You want to get through on time so you can start working. Set aside certain times of the day to study and be consistent. And of course, don’t skip class unless you really have to. You get lots of information and practice in every class.

Find out more about the esthetician program at COBA. Call the office soon to set up a tour.


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