Our Small Classroom-Size Cosmetology School Philosophy is Tailored for Your Success

There are a lot of building blocks that make up every academic institution and training school across the country… Make-up Schools, Beauty Academy and Cosmetology School are no different. Through rigorous testing and keeping a finger on the pulse of not only our own school, but what has worked for other successful institutions and schools, we have custom-tailored programs that are key building blocks to your success in not only passing the California State Cosmetology Exam, but also receiving the right coaching and set of skills in a world-class facility that will help propel you into the next millennium and help you serve your hair, makeup, nail, and skin clients better throughout the course of your cosmetology career.

Like many schools, our beginnings were rather humble, and we took our time planting the roots to our cosmetology students’ success. Whether you’re pursuing a career in Hair, Makeup, Nails, Barber Science, Cosmetology, Skin Care & Esthetics, or you want to own or manage a salon or spa, we believe that having the right foundation is what is going to set you apart from your competition in the future, once you’ve passed the State Cosmetology Exam and you’re working in your field.

One of the ways we streamline your success is through hands-on education and making learning within an intimate environment one of the basic building blocks of your cosmetology and beauty school education. We all know that numerous studies have shown that smaller classroom size affects how well students absorb the material they are learning. But did you know that there are a lot of cosmetology schools and beauty academies in Los Angeles and Orange County that care more about their enrollment numbers, instead of how well their students learn and absorb the material the instructors are teaching. It is common knowledge that we as human beings enjoy learning and working in an environment where we can not only work hands-on, but also ask questions, and then have the instructor demonstrate those answers for us while we watch and take notes. This is something that we feel is vital to your success in passing the state cosmetology exam and being able to apply your technique to your career once you’re fully-immersed in your field.

At Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy in Santa Ana, CA, we have always prized ourselves on our Cosmetology School Philosophy. Our small class sizes are focused, hands-on learning sessions where our hand-picked beauty and cosmetology instructors take their time to work with our cosmetology students, giving both lecture and then providing time to walk through questions and detailed labs. Our main goal is obviously helping you attain the knowledge and skills required to pass the California State Cosmetology Exam, and we believe that it all starts within the classroom experience. It’s here that you’ll spend time with your fellow students learning everything from the basic fundamentals of beauty and cosmetology to the detailed ins-and-outs of what beauty and cosmetology-savvy clients are looking for today and refined techniques that the pros use in their day-to-day while in the field.

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Every instructor has something to offer: whether it’s a sterling career in freelance makeup with Hollywood’s finest actors on their roster, or years of hard-earned hair & nails clientele, or skincare clients that depend on the esthetician for looking and feeling their best… every instructor brings with them their own personal knowledge and experience, coupled with the professional techniques and modern technology in their given field of study. Our cosmetology school instructors are some of the best at any beauty academy in the nation and it’s because of them that we’re able to say that we’re one of the best beauty schools in Orange County.

Take our amazing instructors and match that up with our long history of achievement, multiple awards, certification and dozens of memberships, and you’ve got a knockout combination that can fast-track you to beauty school success and help you prep correctly in order to pass the State Cosmetology Exams.

But there’s more to the equation; if we didn’t offer small class sizes, we would only be doing our jobs halfway for our cosmetology students. Every controlled study of the California class size reduction program — and there have been at least six so far — have shown significant gains from smaller classes, beauty academy and cosmetology schools are no different. Two recent studies that show that class size matters, even in higher grade levels – at both college and university. One from the University of Richmond concluded that increasing class size to 30 students to 45 had a negative impact on the amount of critical and analytical thinking required in business classes, on the clarity of presentations, the effectiveness of teaching methods, the instructor’s ability to keep students interested, and the timeliness of feedback, among many other key factors of educational quality. At Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy, we take these studies seriously as we want to be completely vested in our students’ success – not just when it comes to passing the state exams, but throughout their entire career in the beauty industry.

Imagine a classroom setting where you’re free to raise your hand and ask questions, and where you can learn from other beauty and cosmetology students asking their own… a place where the instructors will take their time to walk you through detailed concepts or any abstract situations that may arise in your day-to-day dealings in the beauty field, and will spend the necessary time to introduce you to new concepts and equipment that will help shape your future in the beauty, skincare and cosmetology industries.

Our world-class, three story beauty school located in the heart of Orange County, within Santa Ana, California is not only large enough to where you’ll be able to have enough room to work and absorb all of the material being taught, but we also stock up on the latest machinery, equipment, technology, computers, furniture and fixtures to make your beauty school experience a truly remarkable hands-on endeavor where you can take the industry knowledge with you and apply it for years to come. If you’re interested in career as a cosmetologist, barber, hair stylist, color specialist, nail technician or manicure specialist, esthetician, or even if you want to manage or own your own salon or work as a freelance makeup artist (MUA), Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy in Orange County is your premier beauty academy and cosmetology school dedicated to keeping class sizes small and helping you succeed beyond the state cosmetology exam. Please call us toll-free today at 888-463-7869 to set up a no-obligation consultation and tour of our beauty school in the heart of OC!