OC Cosmetology School Info & Insights

If you have decided that you want to attend Beauty College or Cosmetology School in Orange County, California, there are several things to consider in order to not only find the best beauty academy in OC but also to have a stellar educational experience. A day in the life of a cosmetologist includes washing, cutting and styling hair, as well as giving perms and adding color or highlights. Some cosmetologists also offer nail technician work, esthetician work such as facials and MUA work such as makeovers. Remember, cosmetology can be a rewarding career option in Orange County, but there are several things you need to know before you become a cosmetologist in OC.

OC Beauty School Educational Minimums to Consider

Orange County cosmetologists must possess a high school diploma or pass a high school equivalency test before entering a State Cosmetology program. Courses offered in both vocational schools vary by state, and take approx. 9 months in order to complete for FT cosmetology students. Curriculum for beauty schools usually includes hands-on training in haircuts, color, manicures and facials, as well as studies in health and safety practices. Up-and-coming OC cosmetologists hoping to own a salon in Orange County or Los Angeles may also want to enroll in some business management courses, most of which are covered at top-shelf OC beauty academies. After an Orange County Cosmetology Program has been completed, the state of California then requires all cosmetologists to pass a state exam to obtain a license to practice. Continuing education is recommended to stay abreast of industry trends.

Earnings Potential for Cosmetologists in OC

According to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for cosmetologists is $22,570. However, the top 90 percent in the cosmetology field take home $41,490 and those numbers are more staggering in Orange County and Los Angeles. Cosmetologists working in Hollywood in film and TV earn a much higher average wage, $69,780 and above, depending on their experience and clientele. Orange County Cosmetologists who own their own beauty salon have a much higher potential, because cosmetologists/beauticians that working for another salon (which they do not own) must pay a percentage or flat fee for renting a space within the parlor.

What Skills Do OC Cosmetology Students Need?

Orange County Cosmetologists work face to face with their clients and therefore if you want to become a beautician in Orange County, you will want to have above-average customer service skills and a true enjoyment for working closely with your clients. You will also want to develop excellent communication skills – something that comes with time, as well as the ability to truly understand (through dialogue) what your client wants. Orange County Cosmetologists must be able to take on several tasks at one time and to be excellent time management gurus, which will help them give the proper attention to each of their clients and lessen wait times and enhance outcomes. Also keep in mind that because a cosmetologist works standing up for extended periods, stamina is definitely needed, but this is something like the rest of the skills, that you can work on while in cosmetology school.

Orange County Cosmetologist Responsibilities

Cosmetologists in Orange County spend a good deal of their time analyzing their clients’ hair, skin and nails in the pursuit of true beauty and bringing out the best in their clients. OC cosmetologists that attend cosmetology school in CA learn much more than simply how to cut hair. California state licensed cosmetologists do everything in their power to provide their beauty clients with a variety of services that will not only make the clients look beautiful, but feel beautiful on the inside and raise their self-esteem also.

Color and Treatments

OC Cosmetologists must delegate some time to really analyzing their clients’ hair in order to ensure it is fit to color and to check on its overall condition. After a client expresses what they’d like, the cosmetologist will generally start by washing the client’s hair before changing its color with a variety of treatments which should, in the end, bring out the desired color and changes that client was looking for.

Cuts & Styling

In addition to coloring their clients’ hair and/or treating the client’s scalp, Orange County Cosmetologists may trim or cut their clients’ hair using shears, clippers or a variety of different razors for different results. A good OC Cosmetologist will provide their client with good suggestions based not only on trendy styles but also based on what will complement their client’s own best attributes. The number one thing to remember however above all, is to follow your clients’ guidance and requests and provide exactly what they are looking for while adhering to safety guidelines and given suggestions they agree to. Based on your clients’ instructions, cosmetologists may use different forms of curling, relaxing or waving treatments as well as just water in order to kick-start a treatment on a client’s hair. Other hairstylists in OC begin with different types of shaping procedures based on the client’s request, including pin curls or finger waves. A good OC cosmetologist (or one who graduated from an accredited OC Cosmetology School) will then set the client’s hair in the desired hairstyle, using a variety of drying methods or simply straighten the client’s hair with a straightening comb to achieve the desired results.

Esthetician Courses Offered in OC Cosmetology Schools

There are different segments of the cosmetology industry, and a good cosmetology school (or rather the best cosmetology schools) will offer you the option to learn within each of those segments. Some cosmetologists shape & color their client’s eyebrows, as well as provide different types of treatment for eyelashes and deep skin care. A good cosmetologist will know how to remove excess hair and repair the work of another cosmetologist that their client did not like. Any good cosmetology school graduate will also makes suggestions to clients about skin conditions and cosmetics, and know how to apply products to the surface of their client’s face & neck in order to rebuild and rejuvenate healthy skin.

The Salary of an Orange County Cosmetologist

For successful OC Cosmetology School grads, the sky is the limit based on our location in SoCal as well as the students’ final motivations. Good cosmetologists in OC will make great use of interpersonal skills and exhibit technical skills and great creativity and artistry when working with the hair, nails and skin.

Currently California requires licensing of their cosmetologists in order to ensure their competence as well as to maintain statewide health standards which protect the public. Getting to a cosmetology license in Orange County includes successful completion of state-approved training, written and practical exams which make good use of your education. Once you are licensed as a cosmetologist in the state of California, it’s time to start working. A Cosmetologist’s pay in California varies depending on their location in the state as well as the type of employer and hours worked, whether they work freelance in addition to their regular job as well as experience and reputation.

How to Become a Cosmetologist in Orange County

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts some great numbers and solid employment prospects for hairdressers, hairstylists, estheticians, barbers, nail technicians and cosmetologists in Southern California and within the Orange County region. There is currently an expected 16 percent growth in cosmetology jobs between 2010 and 2020. The most experienced cosmetologists in OC have the greatest chances of finding work at the higher-end, best paying salons. Cosmetologists with experience working with SoCal clientele can also work towards becoming salon managers and/or opening up their own businesses. OC Cosmetologists who want to open their own salon in Orange County should get the business acumen to go along with sales and marketing skills that they’ll need in order to become successful.

Where to Start if You Want to Become a Cosmetologist in OC

Your foundation is the final stepping stone to a successful career as a cosmetologist in Orange County or Southern California. If you want to become a Cosmetologist in California, you will have to attend a well-known cosmetology school, like Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy in Orange County, CA. Our world-class modern beauty school facility in Santa Ana, CA is one of the best hair schools in California. We’d love to give you a free tour of the campus and show you why we’ve been one of the longest running cosmetology schools in California. Please call us at (888) 463-7869 in order to start your career as a licensed Cosmetologist today!

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