Next Steps: After Graduating from Cosmetology School in California

Life is great for graduates of Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy in Santa Ana, California. Our fun and fast-paced program allows cosmetology students to succeed in their chosen field and move on to a successful career in Hair, Beauty, Makeup or Nails that will change your life! After graduation, you are probably thinking of a million different things – from how much effort and time you put into the cosmetology program to get to where you are, to how you finally made it and showed yourself and others that it was truly possible to achieve your dreams.

Now you’ve earned the respect and trust of other cosmetology colleagues as well as the faculty and professionals within the industry, and you’re ready to start work as a cosmetologist in your chosen field within beauty! As a cosmetology graduate in Southern California, you’re all set to start working the career you’ve always dreamed of and have been training for at Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy in OC.

This is an extremely thrilling moment in your cosmetology career; you’ve worked hard while earning your cosmetology license at Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy in Santa Ana, and it’s important to relish in the satisfying moments that are to follow! First however, we wanted to cover some basics because some cosmetology students in Orange County can be worried or mixed up about what to do next in their career path as a licensed cosmetologist after graduation from beauty academy.

Ask any beauty insider in Southern California and they’ll tell you: the Cosmetology Program that Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy in Orange County provides beauty students with offers the strongest foundation available in the entire Cosmetology field in Orange County and surrounding areas. What this means is that our students feel extremely confident after graduation and that we work hard to help our students succeed.

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The Admissions Department can focus on helping students get into Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy and begin their training and certification; however, it’s our Job Placement Team and our faculty at the Cosmetology School in Orange County that are here to make certain that our beauty students know exactly what to do once they have actually graduated and are ready to begin their careers in Cosmetology. As a new beauty academy graduate, you’ve got to keep in mind that for years, Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy has excelled at is ensuring our students’ success. The faculty at our cosmetology school is always standing by with an open-door policy, ready to help you not only with trying to locate work, but also ensuring that all other factors of your success at beauty school are taken care of with the utmost care.

Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy Assists with Job Placement

One of our students’ principal worries (even before attending college) is job placement after graduation. At Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy, we take our pledge to trying to help our students find the absolute best starting positions in their chosen field of study within cosmetology extremely seriously. Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy has a tried-and-tested cosmetology job placement program and our Orange County Beauty School faculty works hand-in-hand with our students in order to make sure they have the expert abilities, polished talents as well as the right mindset to find an exciting employment opportunity within their chosen field in cosmetology & beauty.

Please keep in mind that while no Cosmetology School or Beauty College in Orange County (or anywhere for that matter) can actually guarantee their students a job, helping you find your new career is the definitive goal for the counselors at Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy in Santa Ana. We’ll help you in searching for employment and once you’ve got the hang of it, we’ll show you how to go out and use your cosmetology education and first-hand experience to lock-up some of those great jobs for yourself.

Sure it’s important to have an awesome resume; however we also instill vital interview skills that are now a must-have when searching for work in the Cosmetology industry in Orange County.

Why It’s Important to Get Licensed as a Cosmetologist

All beauty school graduates at Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy should understand licensure in California. Within your chosen field within the Cosmetology industry, getting licensed can often be a complex maze that is tough to follow and something that not a lot of students care to think about or truly understand until after graduation… yes, while there are some states that do not require licensure at all, there are others states such as California that do. So in essence, while there are some states where it is simply optional to get licensed as a cosmetologist, it is firmly enforced by the State of California.

Some students are also curious: what if I move, how does this affect my license as a cosmetologist in California? Well, it’s rather simple. If a student moves to another state, those students generally have to go through the entire process of acquiring their license in the new state all over again if required by their new state of residence. In short, while some states have reciprocity agreements with California, other states won’t have the same ones in place and thus it is important to consider what is required in your new state of residence in order to either keep, update or obtain your new Cosmetology License.

Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy is one of the best Cosmetology Schools and Beauty Colleges in Orange County that has turned out more happy and successful cosmetologists than most other beauty schools combined.

We believe in our proven process and our distinctive faculty and staff’s aptitude to help cosmetology grads working in the career of their dreams. We offer some of the most relevant and successful cosmetology programs at our beauty college including Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist, Nail Technician, Esthetician & Advanced Esthetician, Barber and Barber Crossover, Colorist, and many more!

Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy is conveniently located in beautiful Santa Ana, California, just off of the 5 Freeway in the epicenter of Orange County. Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy is one of the only Cosmetology career colleges in the State of California that ensures that we’re providing the proper training regimens and cosmetology programs for our beloved beauty students with the highest possibility of employment after graduating from our beauty school.

For a free tour and to find out more about our world-class cosmetology programs, flexible hours, financial aid and day and evening courses, or to have us answer any other questions and to take a free tour of our modern Santa Ana campus, please call us at (888) 463-7869 today and speak to one of our friendly admissions experts with a no-hassles consultation! You can also find out more by visiting us at today!