Must-Have Mustache Trends in 2018

Facial hair is beyond trendy right now, especially if you can maintain a style. Which of these must-have trends are you loving in 2018? Would you rock one of these? Would you want to see one of these styles on your man? Vote down below!

The Thin Mustache

Natural beauty doesn’t have to be limited to the gals. Don’t be afraid to let your ‘stache grow in at its own pace and fullness.

Fully Styled

Whether you’re combing it every day, maintaining it once a week, or utilizing wax to the fullest, a maintained mustache is all the rage.

The Curly Q

Taking it back to the old old school. Just flip the tips and call it a day.

A Mustache and Then Some

Mustaches aren’t the only type of facial hair back in style. Full beards and other types of facial hair are also quite popular. The question is, do you want to maintain the whole shebang?

The Handlebar

The handlebar mustache never went out of style for some people. Ask a cowboy.

The Traditional

Full, trim, well-kept, and manly. This mustache really never fades in popularity, and if you can grow it you can rock it.

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