Makeup Artist – Diploma Program

CIP CODE 12.0406
SOC Code 39-5091
Clock Hours: 600
Program Length in Months: 6 months
Day Classes: 24 weeks
Instruction offered in English


The curriculum includes a total of 600 hours of theory and practical applications. The makeup artist program can provide you with the skills and knowledge you’ll want to be successful in this industry. In this course, you should be able to do makeup for special events, weddings, glamour, runway, photography.


The curriculum for students enrolled in the Makeup Artist program consists of 600 hours. Technical instruction means instruction given by demonstration, lecture, classroom participation, or examination. Practical operation shall mean actual performance by learning the techniques of teaching a class, preparing lessons plans, and creating a positive environment in the classroom.


Our primary goals are to provide a quality educational system that prepares students to gain employment within their chosen field of study. Our quality educational system includes an outstanding facility, experienced and competent instructors, and a curriculum developed through years of experience and expertise.


The objective is to develop in the student the practical skills, theoretical knowledge, and professional attitudes necessary for success in the makeup profession.
Technical instruction and practical operations shall include:

Evolution of Makeup 20 10
Infection Control 20
Tools of the Trade 25 10
Basic Information of Facial Anatomy 10
Color Theory 15 10
Creating The Canvas 174 38
Lash Extensions 8 8
Everyday Makeup Application 10 8
Makeup for The Aging Skin 4 6
The Business of Makeup 15 6
Makeup for Men 4 2
Makeup for Teens 4 4
Camouflage Makeup 5 4
Bridal and Special Occasion Makeup 20 5
Airbrush Makeup 6 4
Glamour Makeup 20 5
Photography Makeup 20 5
Runway Makeup 20 5
Client Consultation Facial Features 20 5
Communication Skills & Career Development 15 5
Create your Portfolio 15 10


When a student has completed the 600 hours, the required theory hours and practical operations in makeup artist, with a GPA of “C” (75%) or better, he or she is awarded a diploma certifying his or her graduation. All institutional charges must be paid in full prior to graduation.

The Academy does not have a cumulative final test or examination required for the completion of the Makeup Artist program.