How to Start Your Own Barber Shop in Orange County California

If you have been researching owning your own Barber Shop in Orange County, and are wondering what it takes in order to kick start your life and get a career in the ever-changing and always paying barbering and cosmetology as well as the growing men’s hair care industry. Perhaps you’re a fresh out of high school and have some big dreams that you want to fulfil, or maybe you’re tired of working a dead-end job for someone else and are ready to be your own boss and own your own business…

If you have always wanted to become a barber in Orange County or SoCal and men’s hair care and barbering have always been your callings, then owning your own Barber Shop is a fast-paced and demanding position that requires not only men’s cosmetology know-how and experience, but also the real-world business owner, customer service, marketing and employee training side of things as well. Ask any Barber Shop owner or anyone who has ever tried to even manage a Barber Shop, and they’ll be the first to tell you that it’s not an easy way to make a living, but if you’re the right person with the right skillset, imagination and education, then you’re well on your way to becoming the owner of your own Barber Shop.

Perhaps you’ve got the determination, you’ve got the will and the passion for becoming a barber and owning your own barber shop in Orange County… but you’re not sure where to actually begin when it comes to owning your own Barber Shop.

When Owning Your Own Barber Shop: The Basics Always Come First

The first thing you need to know, is your way around a Barber Shop or men’s hair salon, as some people refer to them these days… and that means you’ve got to be great at your own trade – cosmetology. For many successful Barber Shop owners, the first step to owning your own Barber Shop is becoming a licensed cosmetologist as a Barber or Barber Crossover in Orange County and becoming an expert in all things beauty.

If you live in California, Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy in Santa Ana, California is one of the longest-running and best barbering and cosmetology schools in California. They offer barber and barber crossover cosmetology courses and focus on developing the beauty school student’s practical skills, theoretical cosmetology knowledge, and to build the professional attitudes necessary for success as a Barber Shop owner. Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty School also will help prep the student to qualify and hopefully equip the student with the knowledge and experience to pass the California State Board licensing examination to become a barber in Orange County, CA.

After the cosmetology school graduate and future Barber Shop owner hopeful has successfully passed their state board exam, they are qualified to work as a licensed Barber and cosmetologist in any licensed facility in the state of California. They may cut hair, perform men’s hair styling, perform all phases of color and highlights (yes men get highlights and dye their hair too!), provide hot shaves and even offer skin care (within the scope of the license) for profit, or go on to own their own successful Men’s Barber Shop practice.

The Barbering Program at Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy in Orange County is 1500 hours in length, and can be completed in less than ten months of full time student attendance. The barbering program at Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy in Santa Ana, CA is is devoted to technical instruction, which consists of various learning activities in a classroom situation. The remaining course time is devoted to practical operations or hands-on beauty activity, in which students develop and practice cosmetology skills under the supervision of licensed instructors in actual working conditions. The Barber Crossover program is 400 hours in length with 40 hours of theory instruction and 320 hours of practical training for barber crossovers.

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What You Can Expect from the Best Barber School in Orange County

Barbering and Barber Crossover training classes at Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy in Orange County have been effectively created in manner that is meant to give beauty school students a truly honest idea of what an actual day of being in the field or Barber Shop would be like for them. The classes are divided between theory and practical sessions. Practical sessions may come through the school’s Barber Shop that is open to the public. What this allows for, is that our students have a real-life Barber Shop setting to practice some of their skills on actual clients instead of only on mannequins, and that they also get that vital Barber Shop-service experience. That’s why it’s important that anyone who really wants to own a successful Barber Shop, start here.

It’s here that you’ll see what goes into day-to-day operations and it’s here in these sessions that you’ll put the cosmetology theory you’ve learned into practice, and to develop the requisite speed that will become vital when they enter the world of work. A barber is expected to be well-rounded in their field, knowledgeable, customer friendly, display a good attitude and have a professional appearance. All these areas are covered throughout the course of study… however a Barber Shop owner has to have all of the above attributes, but understand customer service, business, marketing and management experience, all on top of the cosmetology skills. It’s a tough gig, but if you can handle it, it’s worth the payoff.

Passing the Cosmetology State Licensing Exam to Become a Barber in California

Owning a Barber Shop offers some amazing rewards as well as tough days and challenges. As a Barber Shop owner who doubles as a professional cosmetologist, you provide a personal service to your clients, and this service helps relax people as well as making them feel beautiful. Once you’ve decided to open a spa or Barber Shop, your next step should be putting together an actual business plan. Don’t be afraid to ask for help & advice from people who have already done it (who you’ll want to emulate), and remember, the bizplan should include both your qualifications as well as the spa & Barber Shop staff members’ too!

While there are a lot of things to consider when deciding to open a Barber Shop after you graduate from cosmetology school, we wanted to highlight a few for you in this blog, as a means to get the ideas flowing and hopefully illustrate what it would take to own your own Barber Shop:

  • Prior Barber Shop or Men’s Salon Experience: as a Barber Shop owner, this is a big one. You should have prior work experience in the field you’re working – it’s a no-brainer. True cosmetology experience includes work as a beautician, cosmetologist in the field or in a Barber Shop, or working as an assistant Barber Shop manager. If you have no prior experience, spend time with an experienced Barber Shop owner. Try to attend Barber Shop owner workshops and speak to people on industry forums online. Besides Barber Shop workshops, you may also try to enroll in seminars and participate in Barber Shop business owner message board forums
  • Financing your Barber Shop: this is self-explanatory, but it’s a big part of owning your own Barber Shop and being a successful business owner. Right now would be an excellent time to start looking for financing options and possibly also begin brainstorming for possible Barber Shop locations
  • Following the proper order is vital at this point: make sure that you’ve got your financing or at least a pre-approval before you look for a property. Otherwise, factors may come up that may inhibit you from opening your own Barber Shop. Try not to skip any financing requirements; for instance, commercial banks desire previous tax forms and how much collateral you will provide them in exchange for a business loan. Also, your loan officer may want to know why you need financing… your reasons can range from purchasing equipment to meeting Barber Shop payroll
  • Location is vital when starting your own Barber Shop, so research and take note of different choices for your business location. Try to start your Barber Shop where you there’s a lot of foot traffic, though most of beauty & cosmetology clients will come from word-of-mouth and prior satisfied customers. Another good thing to take into consideration is the locale’s price and what you’ll pay in exchange for a downtown or high-traffic urban setting, vs. a Barber Shop that is off the beaten path in a strip mall hidden between buildings
  • You’re also going to need equipment & supplies for your Barber Shop. From stylists to customers, try and develop a checklist of things you’ll need, including shampoo bowls, scissors, combs and quality Barber Shop chairs. Try to link up with reputable Barber Shop suppliers and for sake of sanitary reasons, always avoid purchasing unknown equipment and supplies
  • Lastly (and possibly most importantly) you’re going to need the right staff of beauty experts and cosmetologists for your Barber Shop. As a Barber Shop owner, begin with hiring a qualified Barber Shop manager and try to design the job description for your Barber Shop manager. Use this position as the turnkey umbrella that will run all other positions within the Barber Shop, and interview a lot before making any final decisions. Keep in mind that Barber Shop managers need to know about client bookings, how to run the reception area with proper floor coverage and banking/balancing procedures. Spend some real time interviewing each person that wants to be your Barber Shop manager. While doing so, see what their plans are to outfit your Barber Shop with hairstylists, nail technicians, estheticians and a receptionist… it should tell you a lot about their management style and experience

If You Want to Own Your Own Barber Shop Go To Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy in OC

If you like what you’ve read and want to explore the career of a Licensed Cosmetologist and go down the path of owning your own Barber Shop in the State of California, you’ll want to call a licensed and accredited cosmetology school like Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy in Orange County, California. Located in the heart of OC, in beautiful Santa Ana, Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy excels at fast-tracking students on the road to preparing for the final State Cosmetology License Exams. Please call us today and let one of our friendly admissions advisors answer your questions and if you like, we can schedule a tour of our modern cosmetology school campus in Santa Ana, California free of charge, with no obligation.

Please call (888) 463-7869 and let us help you on the road to owning your own Barber Shop in California today and to find out more about our Barber Program in Orange County, please visit us at today!