How to Get a Job Teaching at a Beauty School in California

For years, students who complete their given coursework at a certified and California approved cosmetology school will go on to become some of the best cosmetologists in the entire country. Whether they ultimately decide to work in a salon or spa, to do freelance work as MUA’s or hairstylists, to manage a beauty parlor or start their own their own businesses, the opportunities for the graduating cosmetology students in California truly hold no bounds.

But there are some beauty school grads who are focused, do extremely well in their classes and then pass their California State Cosmetology Licensing Exams, and the whole time have been driven by something else entirely – they want to get a job teaching as an instructor at a cosmetology school! Perhaps it was a great experience they shared with one or many of their beauty school instructors while at a cosmetology school, maybe they’ve always wanted to teach or help others realize their dreams but haven’t found their calling in a standard education system, or maybe for others it’s simply for the love of cosmetology and beauty – and being fully immersed in it every day.

When students are attending a California Cosmetology School, most have hopes for passing the state licensing exam and getting their cosmetology license, and being able to practice as a cosmetologist either as a makeup artist, hairstylist or barber, advanced esthetician or esthetician or of course a nail technician or manicurist. The reason most students go to cosmetology school is because they want to graduate and pass the state cosmetology board exams and that’s where cosmetology instructors come into the picture in order to help them.

A beauty school instructor’s entire existence is based on helping cosmetology students getting the foundation and grooming the talents they need in order to become effective cosmetologists in California. Some cosmetology students, learning from their instructor and the bond that they share may ignite the desire to want to be on the other side and teach cosmetology for a living too!

So You’re Interested in Teaching at a Cosmetology School in California?

If you’re interested in teaching as a Beauty School Instructor at a cosmetology school in California, especially any school worth its salt, first you’ve got to get out and explore the field. You’ve got to do what every instructor in any field has done before – you’ve got to spend some time working within in it and developing your style while earning experience. Once you feel you’re comfortable in your own skin as a cosmetologist in California, you can then start taking the advanced cosmetology classes within a program that will help you become a beauty instructor.

In the same way that the students who attend Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy in order to earn their cosmetology license through education, as a Beauty School instructor in California, you’ve got to earn and then work to maintain your beauty school instructor’s teaching license and keeping it in good standing. Many graduates and people who end up teaching at beauty schools in California get their California Beauty School Instructor’s Permit at the same Cosmetology School that they originally graduated from just a couple years prior. If you want to become an instructor at a beauty school in California, be prepared to take on an additional three to nine months of coursework after you’ve graduated from the beauty academy first. In the long-run, that’s not bad considering what most teachers spend going back to college; and of course, if beauty is your passion, it should be a breeze!

As part of the standard coursework while studying to become a beauty school instructor in California, you’ll learn how to coach other cosmetology students while keeping them engaged in their education, as well as how to assess your classroom’s performance – student by student. Keep in mind that some of portions of the syllabus may be simply based on what is required of your beauty school students within California in order to help students adhere to the criteria for cosmetologists as delegated by the state, but during this process, you will also begin to spread your wings when it comes to teaching beauty as well as applying your own style to education based on each of students’ diverse set of needs.

When you’re a student teacher at a beauty school in California, you’ll also discover new ways to provide constructive criticism as well as how to provide proper feedback to cosmetology and beauty students within your classroom. In order to meet the school (and State’s) minimum requirements for cosmetology instructors, you will also spend a good portion of your training as a Student Instructor at the Beauty School.

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A Day in the Life of a Beauty School Instructor

Beauty School Instructors do more than simply lecture and provide coursework to their cosmetology students. There is a great deal of hands-on coaching that takes place, but you also must be prepared to provide great coaching while prepping your students for the California State Board Cosmetology Exams. Let’s take a look at a day in the life of most beauty school instructors at California Cosmetology Schools:

  • Meet and greet new potential students and assess their current job skills, personalities, and answer their questions in order to help them decide if your cosmetology school is a good fit.
  • Putting together introductory ‘gear up’ classes that can help to build upon a cosmetology school’s confidence, as they learn the skills that will propel them through the beauty industry
  • Coaching with a hands-on approach and walking your students through live-laboratory settings in courses on makeup, hair, styling, barbering, nail and skin care, and cosmetology basics
  • Administering all testing – both written and practical (hands-on, lab)
  • Providing excellent feedback to students in your cosmetology courses
  • Lending a hand and acting as a ‘shadow’ while your cosmetology students work on their live clients, and then reviewing their work in order to offer your expert and time-tested suggestions for improvement
  • Preparing beauty students for their commencement as well as subsequent California State Board of Cosmetology Exams

How to Become Successful as a Beauty School Instructor in California

Teaching has and will always be an extremely demanding line of work. But being a great cosmetology instructor can mean going above and beyond the standard teacher’s day in order to make sure your students are successful cosmetologists. Keep in mind that you don’t need to have every single qualification listed below in order to become a beauty school instructor, you will definitely want to have at least some of these talents and qualities as you move into a senior instructor role:

  • Coaching your students with tenacity and taking the appropriate time with each student within your classroom based on their needs
  • Providing regular positive coaching and communication in order to ensure you are offering regular feedback to all beauty school students
  • Keeping a good flow: As a beauty school instructor in California, it’s vital that you be able to change your teaching methods for different classes and students at different learning levels
  • Staying positive and able to spend a good amount of time on your feet while you interact, grade and watch over your labs, classrooms and beauty school students
  • Open to trying new techniques to keep your classroom engaged. It’s important to be able to think outside the box as a beauty school instructor and to keep things exciting in your classroom

Is There a Lot of Good Jobs for Beauty School Instructors in California?

Once you finalize your California Beauty School Instructor Program classes and coursework, there are quite a few opportunities for beauty school instructors, including beauty school business ownership, becoming a freelance cosmetology coach, working as a beauty mentor, or bloggers and online instruction as well as working for the same (or a different) cosmetology school you may have graduated from!

It’s now well-known in the cosmetology industry that in 2015, an independent California surveys states that an increasing number of students are opting for 2-year vocational schools and cosmetology schools over any other type of formal cosmetology training. That means that these schools may all have growing needs for instructors over the course of the next decade. We expect the nationwide demand for beauty school instructors in California to increase by at least 8-15% through the year 2020.

The Best & Fastest Way to Become a Beauty School Instructor in California

If you’re ready to become a beauty school instructor at a well-known and established cosmetology school in California, and would like to explore the career of a Licensed Cosmetology Instructor in this state, you’ll want to call a licensed and accredited cosmetology school such as Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy in Orange County, California.

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