How to Become a Professional Nail Technician in Orange County

When it comes to some everyday luxuries and things that both men and women seemingly can’t get enough of, many things come to mind – from lattes and massages, to mud masks and body wraps, there are quite a few luxuries that we as a society may take for granted, but would probably really miss if they were taken away. For most Americans, nothing tops that list like a good manicure or pedicure. The American economy saw upwards of $8 Billion dollars spent on manicures and pedicures at salons in 2014, and with the popularity of nail design, manicures and spa pedicures, those numbers are only set to climb in the following years. It’s no wonder that so many students graduating high school as well as adults who are looking for an exciting career change are eager to become a nail technician, especially in a metropolitan and style-centric area like Orange County, California.

What is a Nail Technician?

A Licensed Nail Technician often offers both simple and complex (high-design) manicures and pedicures. While manicures are nail treatments on the hands and fingernails of an individual client, the treatment given to a client’s toenails and feet are called pedicures. Both procedures fall under the cosmetic beauty segment, and are usually performed in a nail salon by a Licensed Nail Technician. Manicures and pedicures (or mani-pedi) often include spa-like relaxation therapy and treatments such as soaking the hands and feet in a hot tub or basin, and are often followed by a treatment of some sort of softening substance and applying a fragrant vitamin-enriched lotion.

Often, mani-pedi clients may also request services such as artificial nails, custom nail art and design (which we’ll touch on more later), natural nail repair as well as other specialized treatments for the hands and/or feet. The Licensed Nail Technician in a salon often files and shapes the nails, followed by applying polish and a buff or gloss, as well as offering the client a relaxing hand or foot massage as part of the entire treatment if so desired.

Popular culture has also recently brought custom nail art – a style of nail decoration with roots deep in popular Japanese culture to the forefront of American popularity and style. It has become extremely common to see Licensed Nails Technicians, especially in Orange County and Los Angeles to apply hours of work on a single client’s nails – painting pictures and designs, adding layers and texture, small graphics as well as bejeweling nails and clear-coating decals.

While it was uncommon even a few decades ago, nail art and becoming a nail technician has becomea highly-desirable career for many men and women looking to pursue a career in cosmetology in Orange County. Becoming a nail technician is now a very lucrative career that may make for splendid opportunities for the licensed professional. Nail Technician opportunities exist on the local-level as there are many salons that line our crowded streets, beachfronts, plazas and shopping malls, but the opportunities for a Licensed Nail Technician also exist in the international arena. These can include working in the fashion industry with catalog, print and runway models, working alongside a magazine, online blog or publication or a photography studio and even with musicians, actors & actresses as well as television personalities – the opportunities are endless – everyone wants great looking nails, and some clients want much more, such as custom designs and regular treatments. As a Licensed Nail Technician in California, you can also freelance, build your own salon, spa or mobile business and be well on your way to becoming your own boss.

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How to Become a Nail Technician in Orange County, California

To become a Nail Technician in California, and like any Licensed Cosmetologist, you must first start with your education. The State of California requires all cosmetologists that want to become Licensed Nail Technicians attend and graduate from a state-approved Cosmetology or Nail Technician program. Key skills that Cosmetology Schools in OC may look for in an aspiring nail technician include creativity, good hygiene, listening and interpersonal skills, some business skills, dexterity, and an eye and ear for customer service.

In California, you must complete a 400 hour training program at a California State Board Licensed and Approved Cosmetology school, such as Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy located in Orange County. Our world-class modern beauty school campus and top-notch cosmetology instructors will have you well prepared not only for the written and practical (hands-on) California State Cosmetology Exams for Nail Technicians, but for a long-lasting career as a licensed manicurist or pedicurist. So whether you dream of working in or owning your own salon, or working in Hollywood or with clients throughout California as you travel and freelance as your own boss, Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy in Santa Ana, California is one of the best cosmetology schools to earn your foundation in Nail Design, and to help prepare you to pass the Nail Technician written and practical exam(s).

The Future of Employment for Nail Technicians in California

The Bureau of Labor says that the number of opportunities for Licensed Nail Technicians and Manicurists is set to grow by a whopping 17% by the year 2020, and that the highest employment level for nail techs in the entire country is in California, bar none, which also has the 3rd highest concentration of nail tech jobs currently reported as available.

At a Licensed and California Board Approved Cosmetology School like Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy, you’ll learn more than just the basics that will simply ‘get you by’ in your career as a nail technician in Orange County, California. You’ll not only learn the most popular and time-tested technique as well as modern pop-culture design and nail art in our courses taught by world-class cosmetologists, but you’ll also learn about different skin (hand/foot) and nail conditions that will help you identify problem areas for your clients, allowing you to assist them and form a bond that will solidify you as not only the best to your clientele, but a nail technician that cares about them and their health. At Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy, we want you to not only to be creative and successful as a nail tech, but to become an expert in nail care as a while, allowing you to build a loyal customer-base who will depend on you for life, as well as enjoy spending time with you. Remember, a big part of any nail technician’s salary are comprised of tips – and the more you know, the more you show your clients you care, the better your opportunities are for earning a greater income as a nail technician in Orange County, California.

To get a great idea of what to expect in your training and in the field, please don’t hesitate to call us at Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy in Santa Ana, California at 888-463-7869 and let us walk you through the Nail Technician Program as well as our world-class cosmetology school campus and get you started on a path towards an exciting new career today!