Hollywood’s Latest Westerns and Their Makeup Artists

Hollywood is usually about the glamour and shimmer of sparkly new dresses and suits. But in the Old West, you had to be gritty and not afraid to get dirty. These makeup artists had their work cut out for them with these blockbuster hits. You may not think that hair and makeup artists are needed for a “simple” cowboy look, but you’ll be surprised how much makeup goes into these roles. According to IMDb, the number of makeup artists needed to fill a makeup department is quite extensive.

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Magnificent Seven

Makeup Artists Used: 29

Chris Pratt and Denzel Washington come together in this film to help save a town from a group of precarious thieves. Makeup artists had to keep the rowdy bunch looking like they have been rolling around on the ground and missing their bucket showers. While Pratt’s character required that musky look, Washington’s character keeps his grooming at a higher standard. Both require skills from the artists.

Cowboys & Aliens

Makeup Artists Used: 35

Daniel Craig is known for being the latest Bond… James Bond. But in Cowboys vs Aliens, Craig trades his well-tailored suit for the hat and lasso. He plays a rough and tumble cowboy with the grit and scruff to go along with the look. Craig has to be an old school cowboy throughout the film; he may even get messier as the movie progresses. But you can see here that makeup isn’t just for the face. It may also be used on either clothes or forearms.

Django Unchained

Makeup Artists Used: 46

Django Unchained won Quentin Tarantino an Oscar for Best Writing and Original Screenplay. It was a film where Jamie Foxx plays a freed slave out to save his wife from a brutal plantation owner. Foxx brought flair to the cowboy-esque role. Makeup was kept a little cleaner for Foxx’s role compared to the others. Although he does have scenes where the makeup artists help create those more colorful scenes where Foxx’s character takes justice into his own hands.

True Grit (2010)

Makeup Artists Used: 25

Based off of John Wayne’s 1969 movie, Hailee Steinfeld’s character follows Bridges through the Old West in search of her father’s murderer. These roles must have required various makeup artists to help with the constant change in scenery and development of these character’s stories. Still impressive the level of which they can make someone look clean or dirty.

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