Who Hires Freelance Makeup Artists?

Once you’ve learned how to become a freelance makeup artist in Orange County, you’ll probably want to know where exactly you could find jobs. Here are 5 people or companies who may be looking for your services.

1. Brides

Every blushing bride wants to look her best on her big day. To help enhance her inner glow, there’s a good chance a professional makeup artist will be her go-to choice. Brides and bridal parties are common employers for freelance makeup artists.

On a bridal job you might expect to:

  • Do a dress rehearsal or test run with everyone involved.
  • Travel to one or more locations.
  • Work with photographers.
  • Work on weekends and evenings.

bridal makeup

2. Photographers

Whether the people being photographed or the photographer themselves hired the makeup artists, MUAs can be found on a variety of photo sets. From family photos to portfolio-building sessions, photography and makeup artistry go hand-in-hand.

Hey, a freelance makeup artist might even strike a deal with a photographer or two and trade makeup artistry in a shoot for shots of their work.

When working with a photographer, you might expect to:

  • Work with people of all ages.
  • Work indoors and outdoors.
  • Travel to one or more locations.
  • Work with other MUAs or stylists.
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3. Modeling Agencies/Freelance Models

Agencies that employ several models may need to update their headshots or need assistance in helping models build portfolios. The models themselves may also need a variety of makeup looks to demonstrate the talents that they can provide.

What to expect when working with models or agencies:

  • Work with a variety of skin tones, face shapes, and skin types.
  • Work with a variety of styles.
  • Work over several days.
  • Work on a professional photo set.

makeup artist on set with a model

4. Bachelorette Parties

Bachelorette parties are a great opportunity to make a group of women feel pampered and beautiful. Maybe they want to look sultry for a night on the town. Maybe the maid of honor is looking to treat her bride to a makeup tutorial for a gift. These get-togethers provide MUAs the opportunity to network to a group of people, build their portfolio, and have fun!

What to expect when hired by a bachelorette party:

  • Working with multiple people.
  • Working on weekends.
  • Working in the evenings or at night.

5. Brands

Have you ever heard of a brand ambassador? Small and large companies alike are looking for professionals to represent them online. As a brand ambassador, a freelance makeup artist could act as a social media influencer and post sponsored photos or videos using the brand’s product. This can help you build your professional presence online and allow you to partner with well-known companies.

What to expect when working with a brand:

  • Spending time on social media.
  • Attaining high-quality photography equipment and editing software.
  • Interacting with people nationally or globally.

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