Having the Right Equipment & Facilities is Vital to Beauty School Success

As the beauty and cosmetics industry shifts into the new millennium, many technological advances make it possible to do things and perform procedures that were once either impossible in the salon, skin care spa, nail shop or barber shop, or simply just took a long time to complete. Like many other industries today, the beauty & cosmetics industries have grown exponentially in just the last five years – more so than in past decades. We are also seeing a huge shift from basic cosmetology, makeup, nail & manicure, skincare and barber knowledge, to a more precise and exact depth of knowledge within each field and its respective sub-categories.

Because of these reasons, and the upward-trend of technology in modern culture as well as the number of students striving to be the best in their field, it’s absolutely vital to attend a beauty school that has not only the right facilities for the industry’s growing needs, but also the latest, most up-to-date modern equipment that will give beauty academy and cosmetology students a chance to work on the cutting-edge of the cosmetology industry and its latest tools of the trade.

Whether you’re looking to become a makeup artist (MUA), a cosmetologist, beautician, color specialist, nail technician, esthetician, masseuse or barber, you’re going to be using two kinds of tools in your trade: a standard set of everyday tools such as shears, makeup brushes, nail clippers and files, etc. and then a secondary, more specialized set that you will need to train on and master, should the need arise for them. This secondary set of tools can include complexion-correcting palettes to correct clients’ imperfections or tattoos, electrolysis and microdermabrasion machines, specialized clippers for different types of ethnic hair, tiny trinkets and setting materials for nail and manicure design and more. If your cosmetology school isn’t preparing you for these specialized situations, using the correct tools or the instructors at your beauty school aren’t well-versed in the latest cosmetology and beauty trends and techniques, you may be in for a ride once you’ve graduated and begin applying at various salons using these cutting-edge techniques, technology and tools.

If you wanted to become a mechanic, you probably wouldn’t go to an automotive repair school that still taught its students to work on cars without fuel injection or onboard computers, would you? Or how about an instructor that wanted you to ratchet the wheels off of the car with an old clunky wrench that would twist your arm off before you got the wheel loose? The concept is exactly the same when choosing the right beauty school for your needs. If you’re an aspiring cosmetology student or want to go to beauty academy or learn how to become a barber or esthetician or nail technician, you’re going to want the beauty school to have the right tools that will give you the up-to-date skills and hands-on experience to get you fast-tracked into the working world once you’ve graduated and are ready to start your new career in beauty, makeup, hair styling, barbering, skincare, nails or cosmetology.

At Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy in Orange County, CA, our sterling, three-story world-class facilities span the greater part of an entire city corner and each classroom is loaded with the new technologies, machinery, hand tools and even furniture that you’d find in the most cutting-edge and most modern beauty salons, skincare spas and medical facilities as well as barber and manicure shops across our country. For us, there’s no other option – if you’re going to graduate and find a career within this ever-changing industry, we want you to be prepared to use the latest tools and techniques at your disposal.

We figure that if you’re a beauty school located in Southern California, you’d better not only have the best tools, machinery and equipment, but the beauty school instructors had better be up-to-date with the latest application and technique so that they can then pass off that vital information to all of our beauty academy students. Orange County and Los Angeles are among some of the most competitive areas when it comes to careers in the beauty and cosmetics fields. There’s rows of salons that bejewel our various streets, boardwalks and plazas and let’s not forget about Hollywood – makeup, skincare, hair and stylists are always in-demand in the TV & Film industries… and if you think that it stops there, more and more men and male-centric products, styling techniques and salons are now becoming the norm – not just in OC and LA, but across our entire nation and worldwide… therefore it’s now vital to have the right instructors who are not only up-to-date with their technique and the use/knowledge of modern equipment, but also have the understanding of what works and what doesn’t, out in the field, especially under time constraints and when juggling appointments between beauty clientele.

Last but definitely not least, at Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy in Santa Ana, CA, we make sure that whether you’re studying to become a beautician, a cosmetologist, hair stylist, makeup artist, salon owner, freelance MUA, color specialist, nail technician, barber, or esthetician, you have the right set of skills and understanding of basic technique as well as a mastery of the tools used in your trade in order to pass the State Cosmetology Exam… this is your first step towards a new career in beauty, skincare, makeup or cosmetology and while we love to laugh and our students enjoy their classes, our instructors and staff take your education seriously, making it a goal to give you the knowledge and mastery to pass the cosmetology tests you’ll need to take in order to pursue your career and life’s dream.

If you’re looking for one of the best beauty academies in Orange County or the most up-to-date cosmetology school with modern facilities and instructors that are vested in your success, then look no further. Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy offers the finest facilities and smallest class sizes, coupled with the best, new and modern high-tech equipment and latest tools to help you develop your own style and flourish within your trade. Please call us toll-free at 888-463-7369 to schedule a quick and free, no-obligation tour of our sterling facilities located in Orange County, California. We’d love to show you around and let you take a look at just how much we want you to succeed in your beauty and cosmetology career!