After Graduating Beauty Academy: Tips for Renting a Booth at a Salon

After Beauty School

The next step for many who finish at a beauty academy is looking into a booth rental to get their careers up and running. This can be an exciting time, but also a bit confusing to work with a salon owner. We’ve got some advice on pursuing a booth rental after graduation.

What To Look For

The easiest way to understand it all is to think of it as a tenant/landlord relationship. It is essential that a clear lease is drawn up between the booth renter and salon owner. Get all of your questions answered and get all agreements in writing.

hairdresser with her tools

One very important question to ask is about lease is access to the space. Booth renters should not expect to get a key to the salon. However, there should be a specified period of time that the salon is open and booth renters should set their hours according to those times. Be sure that these hours will fit your schedule and be aware that the owner cannot change accessibility whenever they feel like it. This is a time where a written agreement will come in handy!

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Things to Keep in Mind

A few other things to think about after beauty academy are working with an assistant, selling retail products, and keeping up credentials.

  • Assistants
    Working with an assistant may not happen right away, but once well established it might be worth hiring one. Keep in mind that assistants should not be shared or provided by the salon. To limit conflicts of interest, hire your own.
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  • Keep Your Cosmetology License Up to Date
    Keep up all of your credentials by making sure your cosmetology license is up to date. Be sure you are in compliance with regulations and do not breach your lease.
  • Retail
    Last, be aware that it is totally fine to sell retail products in your booth. This is a great way to make some extra cash. The salon should not be trying to sell things to your clients. Read all contracts and leases carefully and make sure they are to your liking before signing them.

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Want to Be the Boss?

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