Go to Esthetician School and Travel the World After Graduation!

Did You Know?

Did you know esthetician school is a great choice if you want to travel the world? It’s true. Most people think of a diploma from a beauty school and picture working at a salon. Lots of grads do work at salons, spas, and medi spas. Some even open their own. However, an esthetician’s license can also open the way to travel for work. (Estheticians aren’t the only ones who have this opportunity, cosmetologists can travel, too!)

Jobs Abroad

woman with beautiful hair on a cruise ship
Cruise ships are one example of a job that can take you exotic places. They often look for esthetician school grads to work at on board salons. Taking a cruise, for many people, is about the experience of luxury on board the ship, as well as going to exotic destinations. Going for a special cut, color, or hair style is all part of the experience. If you also know how to give manicures and pedicures, you’re even more in demand. Having experience with spa treatments is also important. Facials and body treatments are super relaxing and just the thing to help travelers enjoy a cruise to the fullest.

Did you know advance estheticians can be found working in medi spas? Click here to learn more about medical esthetics as a career!

Take Advantage of Practice Time in Beauty School to Hone Your Skills

If you think you’d like to work on a cruise ship, do a little research to find out what skills are most in demand. Focus on honing those techniques while in school. Talk to your instructors to perfect your technique. Build relationships so you can get good recommendations.

Are You Ready to Start Your Journey?

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