Barbering and Cosmetology: How Having Both Can Help You

If you hold a cosmetology license and are looking to expand your skills, barber school may be a good next step. Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy offers a barber crossover program. The program is ideal for students who finished the cosmetology program or for professionals with a cosmetology license. The barber crossover program takes as little as four months to complete. This program costs $4,100 for tuition and $600 for books and supplies. You can also choose from day or evening classes. This flexibility makes it possible to work and still go to school.

Go to barber school after getting a cosmetology license.

Getting Your Barber License Can Help You Advance Your Career

This short barber school program is designed to give you the skills you need to pass the barber license exam in California. It builds on the skills you learned in the cosmetology program. Courses go over sanitation, health and safety, and much more. The curriculum also covers some of the laws governing beauty shops and how to run a business well.

Get the skills you need to work in a full-service salon in our Barber Crossover Program!

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