Things You Learn as a Makeup Professional

One of the great characteristics of becoming a professional makeup artist is that it can take as little as six months to complete the necessary education. That time spent in school can be quite a whirlwind. During that short amount of time you will learn skills like facial anatomy, infection control, tools of the trade, and color theory. These types of topics will help lay the foundation and prepare for more complex topics and techniques such as the difference between makeup for teenagers versus aging skin, makeup for men, stage makeup, and specialty makeup. With the extensive training and instruction, you can be ready to tackle any job from weddings to movie set makeup when you graduate.

woman doing makeup

Beauty School Can Prepare You to Find Job

At Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy, we also focus on the business side of becoming a professional makeup artist. Our instructors spend a considerable amount of time teaching students about how to find customers and provide a great experience. Client retention is the name of the game, and students will learn about the skills they need to gain the the upper hand.

Portfolios are what you will show to clients and potential employers when you are looking for work as a professional makeup artist. Showing them the exceptional work that you are capable of is important when you work in an artistic industry like makeup. You will get to spend a total of 25 hours working on your professional portfolio during your time in school. This time will help you learn how to build a great portfolio, why it is important, and how to use it.

All of this professional and business training is designed to help students enter the workforce with the tools they need to find employment and become leaders in the industry.

Being a professional makeup artist can be a fun career! Teachers at Colleen O’hara’s Beauty Academy work hard to help students get the skills they need to succeed. Contact us to start your training to become a professional makeup artist today!