How to Change Your Makeup Game for Fall

The cooler temperatures and changing colors of autumn have arrived. You may have already broken out your warmer wardrobe items in preparation for the changing of the seasons; Scarfs, long pants, sweaters, and closed toe shoes are all making their comeback.

What about your makeup game? Have you brought out the proper makeup for the new season?

The truth is that your wardrobe isn’t the only thing that needs some shaking up when fall comes, your makeup does too! Luckily, we’ve made this list of game changing makeup tips to get you through this season.


Something that a lot of people don’t think about when the seasons change is the harsh conditions. When summer turns to fall the air gets much cooler and drier – a combination that is hard on your skin! This quick change in humidity and temperature can be combated in part by using makeup with moisturizers like BB creams and primers. Doing this can help you look fabulous while also keeping your skin soft and smooth. Make sure you’re also still using lotion with SPF even though you’re not out by the pool. The sun can still do a lot of damage to your skin the fall and winter months.

Skin Tone Changes

The colors of the leaves isn’t the only thing that changes in fall. When summer turns to fall the sun goes down earlier in the evening and comes up later in the morning. Also, people tend to spend less time outdoors. This means that your skin will most likely see less sunlight during the fall and winter than it did during the summer and as a result your skin tone will get lighter. This is a big reason why it’s so important to change up your makeup game during the cold months. A good move is to use blush to give your cheeks a nice rosy color that will compliment your lighter skin tone.

woman wearing light pink blush

How to Highlight the Eyes

Black eyeliner is a great go-to makeup tool for the fall. It doesn’t much matter what designs or shapes you apply, black eyeliner will complement just about any outfit you decide to wear this fall. It also looks more striking on pale skin, so it’s a win-win.

Another great way to make your eyes glisten this fall is with metallic eye shadow. Fall months? Go for something that matches the colors of nature like deep purple, red, or orange. Winter months? Go for bronze, gold, or copper.

woman wearing gold eye shadow


Giving your lips a little color to make them plump and plush is always a good move regardless of the season, but the color you use does matter. Great fall colors include plum, burgundy, or use a lip gloss just to highlight your lips. Classic red lipstick is a great choice for both fall and winter and can be a great way to give your look a festive feel during the holiday season.

woman applying red lipstick to her lips


The nails are the finishing touch to any great seasonal look. You’ll want to give your nails the perfect fall flare to help finish off your own look. If you like wearing blacks and greys during the colder months of the year, complement it with glossy nails of the same shades. If you like to make things a little more flashy, you can go with a fall color nail polish or a variety of fall colored nail polishes! Mixing and matching fun fall colors is always a great move.

finger nails painted deep purple

Become a Pro

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