Esthetician Program at COBA Opens Doors for Students

Take the esthetician program at COBA.Living in Southern California, you know that many people take body care very seriously. People involved in the entertainment industry have to look their best at all times. This means that certified estheticians are in demand. The esthetician program at Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy takes only seven months to finish. During COBA’s esthetician course, students can gain knowledge in different body treatments. First they learn the basics of the physiology of skin, common problems.  At the same time, they take classes on the theory of cosmetic chemistry and electrotherapy. Students also learn about types of products and how to use them to help their clients.

Finish Esthetician School in Seven Months

Once students have mastered the basics, they move on to specific treatments. They practice giving European or electrotherapy facials. Facial massage is also covered. They learn about makeup. With their background in skin, estheticians can help clients choose makeup that is good for their skin. Students take courses in the skin care business, too. 

Later in the esthetician program, students work on body waxing and other more complex treatments.  After completing the program, students may take the California State Board Licensing Examination. Grads who pass the exam can then go on to find a job in skincare. There are many great options. We strive to give students a well-rounded education so that they may have a variety of career choices. Others decide to open their own salon. Some grads go to work for a movie studio. Another choice is to take private clients as a mobile skin care worker. Some grads go on to finish the advanced esthetics course. COBA works with grads to help them find the right job. Graduates from COBA have been known for their skill.

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