Orange County Beauty School Helping Students Obtain an Esthetician or Cosmetology License

If you have a natural affection for beauty and fashion then you should consider a career in the field of cosmetology. Going to school to receive the required training and getting licensed is the ideal way to poise yourself so you can take advantage of worldwide opportunities. Getting a cosmetology diploma and/or an esthetician diploma is the only way to ensure you meet the state licensing requirements to practice your craft. It is your ticket to independence and financial stability.

How Cosmetology Schools Prepare Students to Take State Exam

The only way to fulfill your dream of travelling internationally and working as a beauty technician in an exciting area such as the movie industry is to get the required training. Cosmetology schools develop courses in relevant areas and structure the delivery and training in course content through theory and practicals. You can be exposed to beauty therapy areas such as aromatherapy, electrotherapy, cosmetic chemistry, health and nutrition and skin care. Courses are broken down into very manageable components which allow students to focus and adequately grasp and master the content.

Requirements to Become a licensed/Licensed Cosmetologist

Each state stipulates their own set of requirements that students must fulfill before they can be deemed a licensed cosmetologist. In some states, students have to obtain a different license to practice hairdressing, skin care or nail care. In the state of California, the governing body is the California state Board of Cosmetology. In order for California students to become licensed as a beauty practitioner they must:

1. Attend a licensed beauty school and complete the minimum training hours set by the state. The minimum hours are:

  • 1600 hours / 3200 apprenticeship for a cosmetology license
  • 1500 hours/3000 apprenticeship for a barber license
  • 400 hours for a nail technician license
  • 600 hours/1200 apprenticeship for esthetician license
  • 250 hours practitioner and 500 hours therapist for a massage therapist

2. Pass the state’s cosmetology board exams. Exams can be taken in English, Spanish or Vietnamese.

3. Pass the California state Board of Cosmetology licensing exams.

Once you have successfully fulfilled those requirements you will be issued your California cosmetology license which will allow you to work as a beauty technician.

Potential Benefits of Being a licensed/Licensed Cosmetologist

Work Internationally: A cosmetology license and/or an esthetician’s license can be your passport to amazing opportunities on a global basis. It can be your vehicle from fantasy to reality. Getting licensed can take you from fantasizing about working in a prestigious spa, a top of the line resort anywhere in the world to actually being able to actually do it.

Work in the Movie/Entertainment Industry: Being licensed can allows you to confidently walk through doors that open up in the movie industry. An Esthetician’s license serves as proof that you have been educated in the science and techniques of beauty care.

Work in Photography Studios: Photography studios use professional beauty technicians to ensure their clients always look their best before getting their pictures snapped. Satisfied clients makes for better business and professionalism goes a long way in ensuring customer satisfaction.

Teaching: Successful beauty school graduates have the option of becoming a beauty instructor. This is ideal for people who are passionate about passing on knowledge and helping others to achieve their goals.