Destined for a Career as a Nail Tech in Orange County

You can wield a nail file like nobody’s business and you phone regularly autocorrects man to mani. Friends and strangers alike are constantly admiring your latest flashy nail designs and you don’t dread a chip in your polish because it means you get to try your next nail look. You know you’ve thought about doing nails professionally before, but it’s finally time to take action. You are clearly destined for a career as a Nail Technician in Southern California!

Nails and Nail Art are More Popular than ever in Orange County

If you’re considering becoming a Nail Technician, you know that nails and nail art are more popular than ever these days. A quick scroll through Pinterest or Instagram is clear proof of that! With nails being such a hot trend today, there’s no better time than now to go to school at Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy to jumpstart your career as a Professional Nail Technician in the OC.

Going to School at Orange County’s Top Nail Tech School will Open Doors for your Career

Becoming a Licensed Nail Technician can truly open doors for you to have a lucrative career doing what you love. These days, clients are asking for more than just a soak, a file and a basic French manicure, and with the techniques you’ll learn at Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy in Orange County California, the sky is the limit when it comes to the designs you can create. A solid education in all things nails will prepare you for a successful career as a Licensed Nail Technician in any nail salon in Southern California.

Nail Shape Terminology Southern California Nail Technicians Should Know

Nail Techs are branching out from the norm and more and more clients are requesting a variety of nail shapes. With the popularity of acrylic and gel nails, any shape you can think of can be achieved these days using the nail techniques and skills you’ll learn at Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy in Orange County. With instructors who have their perfectly manicured finger on the pulse, you’ll learn the latest looks and trends so you can begin your career as a Nail Technician in Southern California with confidence and a clear idea of what your future clients will want.

Here are a few of the most popular nail shapes an aspiring Nail Technician in Orange County should learn to perfect:

#1 The Stiletto Nail

Made famous by an array of edgy celebrities like Rhianna and Lady Gaga, the Stiletto is one of the more daring nail styles these days. Dangerously long and tapered to a point, this nail is definitely not for the faint of heart. With Orange County being so close to Hollywood, and the home of a large number of stylish stars, Nail Technicians in the OC are sure to see numerous requests for these celeb influenced nails by clients who don’t shy away from the spotlight! These nails look great regardless of whether they’re worn with a matte nude polish, covered in crystals, or sporting a wicked wild neon leopard print.

#2 The Coffin Nail (Aka Ballerina Nail)

Another popular look, which closely resembles the Stiletto nail is the Coffin, also referred to sometimes as the Ballerina. This style is the same dramatic length as the stiletto but with just the point filed to a square which mimics the appearance of either a coffin or a ballerina’s pointe shoes, your preference! You’ve seen these filling up your Instagram feed, decorated and adorned with an array of nail art and painted in an assortment of colors and designs. If you’re looking for a career as a Nail Tech in SoCal, you’re bound to get requests for these on the daily!

#3 The Almond Nail

Another nail shape you’ll learn about in the Nail Technician Courses at Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy is the much more daily-routine friendly relative of the stiletto and the coffin, the Almond tip. A shorter more rounded version of the Stiletto shape, the Almond nail is the favorite of many of the more refined and stylish celebs, like Beyoncé and Dita Von Teese, who prefer something a little more feminine and also want to maintain full use of their fingertips! Nail Technicians in Orange County should expect to be asked for this type of nail by their clientele on a regular basis.

#4 The Oval Nail

As the softer more lady-like sister of the Almond nail, the Oval nail doesn’t have quite the same drama as some of the nails above, but that’s just what some Nail Techs in Southern California like about it! This nail has a much more romantic side while still keeping up with the trends. It can be painted in muted shades for a subtle look, or amped up with a glam geometric metallic polish design for a little more fun. This basic nail shape is one you’ll surely have perfected by the time you complete your Nail Technician Training Program at Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy.

#5 The Square Nail

The short square nail is a look that SoCal Nail Technicians are more likely to see on their natural nail clients. Without the length of an acrylic or gel nail, the nail is filed straight across, usually just below the tip of the finger. This is the go-to for ladies who need to be able to use their nails on a daily basis, or for clients with weaker nails that are prone to breakage when grown long. This is also the shape Professional Nail Techs say is most often requested by men as it mimics the natural nail shape.

#6 The Squoval Nail

One of the latest trends, spotted recently on celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, is the long Squoval. A lady-like blend between a square and oval tip, these are still not your everyday nail shape but certainly more manageable for day-to-day tasks like typing or putting in contact lenses. Compared to the coffin or the stiletto, these nails are definitely much more office friendly for the professional woman who still wants to be on-trend and definitely easier to maintain. This shape will look great with a French manicure or some creative nail art, but with such a classic shape, the sky is really the limit!


In the ever changing world of nails, the shapes above are certainly not the only ones we’ll be seeing in the future, but with the training you’ll receive through the Nail Technician Classes at Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy in Santa Ana, you’ll be on the ball and prepared to nail any look your clients can come up with.
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