Cosmetology – Diploma Program

CIP CODE 12.0401
SOC Code 39.5012
Clock Hours: 1600
Program Length in Months: 16 months
Day & Evening Classes*: 64 Weeks
Financial aid is available to those who qualify.


If you want a comprehensive education in hair, skin, and nails, and are eager to learn the art of hair design, then consider cosmetology at Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy! You can learn the hows and whys behind the techniques used in the beauty industry. Our program covers the 1600 clock hours required by the state of California to become a licensed cosmetologist. You can learn chemical straightening, cutting, bleaching, coloring, facials (manual and electrical), eyebrows, makeup application, manicures, acrylic nails, health, safety, sanitation, and much more.


We cover the state required amount of time for technical and practical instruction in a variety of ways. Our students can participate in internal and external competitions, field trips to exotic places, and guest speaker demonstrations.


Our primary goals is to provide a thorough education that prepares students to sit for the state exam. We provide an outstanding facility, experienced and competent instructors, and a curriculum developed through years of experience and expertise.


We have designed our program to help students develop good workmanship, orderly performance, safety, hygiene, professional care of commercial products, professional attitudes, and the ability to conduct themselves in a professional manner in a variety of settings.

Technical instruction and practical operations shall include:

Barbering & Cosmo. Act & Board Rules and Regs 20
Cosmetology Chemistry 20
Health & Safety/Hazardous Substance 20
Theory of Electricity in Cosmetology 5
Disinfection and Sanitation 20 10
Bacteriology, Anatomy and Physiology 15
Wet Hair Styling 35 200
Thermal Hair Styling 30 30
Permanent Waving 20 80
Chemical Straightening 20 25
Hair Cutting 20 80
Hair Coloring and Bleaching 60 50
Scalp & Hair Treatments 5 20
Facials-Manual 15 25
Facials-Electrical 10 15
Eyebrow Arching & Hair Removal 10 15
Make-Up 15 15
Water and Oil Manicuring 5 15
Complete Pedicure 5 10
Acrylic Nails 10
Artificial Nail Tips 10 50
Nail Wraps and Repairs 5 20
Press & Curl 10
Acrylic Liquid and Powder Brush-Ons 50
Bleaching 15
Additional Classes 100 (maximum)


When a student has completed the 1600 hours, the required theory hours and practical operations in the Cosmetology course with a GPA of “C” (75%) or better, he or she is awarded a diploma certifying his or her graduation. All institutional charges must be paid in full prior to graduation.

Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy is one of the participates and is approved to offer the following United States Department Of Education Federal Student Aid Programs: Federal PELL Grant Program; Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) Program; Federal Parental Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS) Program; and the Federal Direct Student Loan Program.