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Category: Beauty Tips

9 Ways to Look Straight Out of Crazy Rich Asians

Sep 10 2018

If you’ve seen the movie or read the book, Crazy Rich Asians, you know the Youngs always look like a million bucks! But keep your wallet tucked away. You don’t have to sacrifice your savings to look the part. Here’s how! Based on a Book Cover yourself just like the book! Take your daily routine […]

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7 Winter Skincare Tips

Nov 21 2017

Now that winter is knocking on the door it’s time to change up your skincare routine. Most people only think about the nice temperatures that California has to offer during the winter months. What they don’t realize is that the humidity drops big time in the fall and winter, and that’s bad news for your […]

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Are Facials Good for Acne?

Oct 19 2017

Everybody hates acne. When your face breaks out and you get a cluster or two of red and white dots, it can ruin your day. There’s a lot of different ways to fight back against acne, but a question that comes up often is are facials good for acne? This is a great question and […]

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Beauty Tips 101

Feb 18 2015

You asked, and we answered. Here are three tips to keep your hair looking healthier and silkier than ever. You know your hair best, if you tend to have oily hair, you should wash it more often.The more oil your hair produces, the more you want to wash it (maybe once a day). Be selective […]

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