Becoming a Skincare Specialist in Orange County

If you have always dreamt of a career in Skincare and Dermatology and not exactly sure about how to go about becoming a Skincare Specialist in Orange County, read on! With so many choices in the cosmetology schools that claim that they specialize in Skin, Dermatology or Esthetics, it’s tough for the average student to really know who to trust and which school to choose so that they get everything done right the first time. Today, we’ll be taking a look at how and why you may want to become a licensed Skincare Specialist in the state of California, working in the exciting and ever-changing field of esthetics and Dermatology.

What is Dermatology and What do Skincare Specialists Do?

Dermatology and Dermatology centers primarily on the skin you live in! Skincare and dermatology are not simply restricted to the face, but your entire body. Dermatology will also delve into skin care techniques and the modern technology that surrounds this field. Dermatology has been growing rapidly over the course of the last decade, and with a larger segment of the population wanting to look and feel better about themselves, it’s only set to get bigger in the next few years.

While the skincare & dermatology encompasses several different key factors, Skincare Specialists in Orange County focus predominantly on skin care using everything from anti-aging to beautifying treatments of the skin, analyzing and prescribing easy-to-use home remedies for beautifying the skin or skin disorders, performing facials, waxing face and body hair, carrying out relaxing facial massage and exfoliating procedures, to extractions, microdermabrasion, laser therapy and even eyebrow shaping and tinting.

Skincare Specialists in OC enjoy working in a fast-paced, competitive and highly-specialized field within cosmetology. Some enjoy working as skin care specialists alongside dermatologists, treating people with skin disorders such as acne or rosacea. Other Skincare Specialists enjoy working close to the medical field, alongside doctors, nurses and specialists in clinics, assisting burn victims or people suffering disfigurement after an accident.

Then there are some Skin Care Specialists simply enjoy the beauty & cosmetology portion of their occupation – practicing in more of a spa or salon setting, providing age-defying facials, applying exfoliating scrubs, body-wraps, waxing unwanted hair, and generally any skin-related cosmetology services that could enhance not only their clients’ skin, but also the way their clients feel about themselves on a day-to-day basis.

Is Becoming a Skincare Specialist in Orange County Right for Me?

Dermatology and Esthetics is often a perfect fit for those who want to work in the skin care industry and enjoy making their clients generally feel better about themselves. Since skin care is still relatively a new field within the study of cosmetology as whole, the OC students who aspire to become Skin Care Specialists and Estheticians can bet that their field will continue to advance, both scientifically and on a social level.

In the last decade, we have just begun to truly understand and evaluate how the skin ages and the advantages of long-term skin health. Skincare Specialists are of course the experts in knowing all of the different elements that can and will affect your skin. They are also experts when it comes to choosing, prescribing, prepping and applying the beautifying treatments and medications that slow down the premature aging of the skin or treat skin disorders in their clients.

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What Traits Do Good Skincare Specialists in Orange County Possess?

  • Skincare Specialists pay close attention to detail (they’re close to their clients’ faces and can see all of their clients’ imperfections)
  • Skin Care Specialists have a tendency to be well-groomed, neat and tidy; sanitation is key
  • Skincare Specialists keep a tidy home/office/workstation following sterility and safety requirements for their tools as prescribed by the California State Board
  • Skin Care Specialists are comfortable working with clients who may be very ashamed of their current skin condition; on that same note, they enjoy assuring clients that they’re there to help
  • Skincare Specialists pay close attention to customer service and adhere to the clinic or practice’s legal process and requirements
  • Skin Care Specialists are able to listen well to people in order to provide an educative approach to their needs
  • Skincare Specialists want to learn about both the industry standard and latest products, technology and tools that can help them succeed in their field

How Do I Become a Skin Care Specialist in Orange County?

Skin Care Specialist education and training programs are invaluable and vital because this is one career that cannot be automated or outsourced to another country or to a robot; therefore creating a level of job industry security that is not very common in today’s economy. Your skin care clients value their appearance and there will always people that will want to pay in order to look and feel their very best; this is where the Skin Care Specialist comes into play.

The 1st thing you’ll want to do if you want to become a Skin Care Specialist is to attend an accredited and Licensed Cosmetology School in the state you wish to practice in. If you’re in Southern California or Orange County, Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy is an excellent choice for those who want to become a Skincare Specialist in OC.

At Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy, you will receive invaluable knowledge and training that will prepare you for a career as an Dermatology Specialist and give you the knowledge, know-how and hands-on training with the latest tools, techniques, processes and products that will make you successful and proficient in the skin care field for years to come.

Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy, will thoroughly prep you for the state licensing exam, but we will also give you the skills to run a successful skin care business, including the vital accounting & bookkeeping as well as customer service and skin care product knowledge that most skin care schools miss in your education. Our modern facilities in OC have the latest in skin care technology and treatments and our helpful and experienced faculty are extremely eager to work with students who want to excel as Dermatology Specialists.

We keep our classroom sizes small for our Skincare Courses so that learning is done hands-on and you’re able to ask questions while techniques and theory are demonstrated and applied.

The skin care industry is always changing and technology is growing at a rapid rate. For most people studying to become a Skincare Specialist, it’s important to attend an Accredited and Licensed Cosmetology School in Orange County that is not just well-known within the beauty and skin-care industry, but one that has the right facilities, instruction, approvals and accreditations as well as the customer service and accounting knowledge to assist its students with their careers after graduating and passing their exam.

If you’re looking for the best Skincare School in Orange County that can thoroughly prep you for not only passing your licensing exams but also instill the fundamental principles of skin-care, esthetics, dermatology as well as the swiftly shifting technologies and products within its educational culture, then please call us at Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy in Santa Ana, California today by calling (888) 463-7869 to schedule a free tour of our modern campus and let us answer any questions you may have! Tuition assistance and financial aid are available and we offer bi-lingual skincare courses in Orange County!