Becoming a Makeup Artist in Orange County in the New Year

The New Year is sure to be one of the strongest for the cosmetology industry! We have been on a steady upswing and if you’re like the many people who have always dreamed of becoming a Makeup Artist or MUA and doing makeup for a living, then know that you’re not alone and that the right time to go to Makeup Artistry School is finally here!

Top beauty insiders and educational surveys in California all agree, the number one resolution this year for both new high school graduates and people ages 19-30 is to find a new job, with 21 percent of workers wanting to leave their current place of employment in 2016. Meanwhile, a survey conducted by Standard Life and Research Now suggests that over 50 percent of new grads in the United States want a new career, with this figure rising to over 70 percent for 25-35 year olds. Of that percentage, there are record numbers of students that are opting to attend a Beauty, Cosmetology and Makeup School in order to follow their dreams of becoming a Makeup Artist in Orange County.

For many people it’s the vast amount of publicity and excitement that Makeup and Makeup Artists and Makeup Product Companies have created via Social Media and YouTube Channels. But successful people know that the ringing-in of the 2016 isn’t just another casual time to “make a decision” on the calendar; it really is one of the best times to look for a new career, especially if you are looking to become a Makeup Artist in Orange County.

It’s One of the Best Times to Become a Makeup Artist in Orange County

Why you ask? Well for starters, the career segment of our market actually slows down towards the final part of the year and then regains its momentum again after the 1st of the New Year. Another thing to remember is that most Makeup Artistry Schools, Beauty Colleges and Career Colleges in Orange County as well as full-on Four Year Universities in Southern California are returning from winter vacation and have brand new programs and classes as well as new programs and financial aid available for students come the New Year.

Needless to say, these factors make it an excellent time to start looking at going back to school and learning how to become a Makeup Artist, especially in Orange County. Now in terms of the economy doing better, keep in mind that many companies and schools are expanding at this time and it’s a bit of a seller’s market when it comes to finding a fresh start, whether you are looking to enter the job market as a Makeup Artist or are thinking of going back to school to become an MUA in Orange County.

Looking for Makeup Artist / MUA Jobs in Orange County, CA

If you are actively looking for a Makeup Artist job or even a Freelance MUA gig in Orange County, there are basically 2 types of job searches you can conduct:

  • The first type of job search is just getting out of what you are currently doing and immediately trying to become a Makeup Artist in Orange County. Perhaps you’ve worked at your current job a whole lot longer than you’d had initially wanted to and thought you would, simply because of the current economy and how it affected you and/or your family. Perhaps there’s no actual goals or a clear path or you’ve hit a glass ceiling at your current career and you don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon. Some people may not see eye-to-eye with their boss or simply need a change of scenery. You may also want more income than what you’re making right now or the freedom to work for yourself as a Freelance MUA and the quickest way to get that raise and find that freedom is to delve into another career.
  • The next type of job hunt is a bit different. In this second type, you may want to completely change careers, say from working at a retail store, to becoming a full-fledged Makeup Artist in Orange County, following your dreams and passions because you know they will lead you to a place where you’ve always wanted to be.

The New Year is a great time for both types of job searches for prospective makeup artists and for thos wanting to attend beauty school in 2016! While the US Economy is recovering, a lot of companies are seeing staff leave and it’s a great time to make a move that will shift your future and align it more with what you have always dreamed of doing – makeup artistry and cosmetics!

Orange County and Southern California is the Best Place to Be a Makeup Artist

If you want to move into an area where there are plenty of jobs for Makeup Artists and Freelance MUA’s, Southern California and Orange County are perfect locations for your new career and lifestyle – we’re close to Hollywood, Burbank and all the studios as well as tons of great salons and people who spend a fortune on their daily beauty regimens. If you are looking for areas where there’s going to be long-term demand, you’ve definitely found it when it comes to cosmetology, beauty, makeup and hairstyling in and around Orange County, California.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing the best Makeup Artistry school in Orange County as the means to help you achieve your dreams, there is strong demand, it’s a constant race to ensure your skills are up to date and that you are working towards your highest potential – not only in terms of income, but also living your life’s dreams and making sure you don’t stop until you succeed and become a Makeup Artist in OC!

However, it’s important to remember that even with a good economic wind at your back, making a big change in your career or choosing a new direction for your future isn’t entirely always a piece of cake or 100% easy – you’ve got to put some work in and you have to remember that with that hard work, comes a lot of rewards! If becoming a Makeup Artist and Certified Cosmetologist or Freelance Makeup Artist in Orange County was easy, you’d see everyone doing it… but there is a great deal of victory in getting licensed as a Makeup Artist and Cosmetologist in Orange County, and you’re about to reap those rewards!

Make Sure to Brainstorm & Dig Deep: Why Choose Makeup as a Career?

If you want to become a Makeup Artist in Orange County, you should begin your search by pondering and brainstorming your interests and goals, basically what you’re really good at and what really motivates you in life. Be sure and give some thought to why you want to leave your current job or change careers. It either may not be the job that you actually dislike, but you also don’t want to shelf your dreams of becoming a Makeup Artist, Freelance MUA or cosmetologist simply because you haven’t found a way out yet… that’s why it’s important to be perseverant throughout your search and to continue until you achieve your goals!

How to Network with Other Makeup Artists in Orange County

You should get out there and network with other Makeup Artists, Freelance MUA’s Cosmetology students and as many people as you can within the beauty industry. Go to events, take seminars and listen to talks (even if just on YouTube and social media channels). You should attempt to set up informational interviews with people you admire and respect in the beauty and cosmetology industry.

If you can dream it up, you can do it! Basically what that means, is that if you start acting like you’re part of the industry you want to work in and pretty soon you’ll be immersed in it. Go out and speak to Makeup Industry and Cosmetology School Recruiters, or Working & Successful Freelance MUA’s and remember to check with your entire network and ask your friends if they know people in the cosmetology/makeup field. Keep in mind that over three quarters of the jobs out there aren’t even advertised, so you’ve got to hustle and find the opportunity – seek it out through networking within the cosmetology industry and meeting as many people immersed in Makeup and the Makeup Artistry sector as possible!

One thing to keep in mind is that throughout your efforts to find the best Makeup Artistry school in Orange County and how to go about changing your careers or delving into a new one, know that many companies run referral programs… meaning that their current employees can recommend friends or contacts for jobs that are open. This can also be a perfect way to get your foot in the door; it’s a win-win for both of you, and most employees will gladly refer you to get the bonus, as long as they know you’re a solid recruit and someone that they can trust – someone that won’t let them down.

This will be a Breakthrough Year for the Cosmetology and Makeup Industries

If you want to change careers in 2016, you will most likely not be the only person out in the field searching for and applying for Cosmetology Schools in Orange County or searching for a new job in the beauty industry in Southern California. The world of Cosmetics and Makeup Artistry is growing daily – both as an occupation, as well as the industry and products itself – take a look at social media sites and see how fast one picture or video that gets posted on Instagram or Twitter gets replies, likes and follows for the channel.

What this means is simple: if you want to be the best Makeup Artist or beautician you can be, you need to make yourself stand out and put out some effort. This also means finding the best cosmetology school in Orange County that suits your needs and will help you grow into the Makeup Artist role that you desire – whether it’s Freelance MUA, working with cosmetics and products, skincare lines, or in a spa or retail setting.

How to Find the Best Makeup Artistry School in Orange County

To find the For most working graduates and people in the beauty industry, working as Makeup Artists, Hair Stylists, Barbers, Nail Technicians and Estheticians in Southern California, that means going to the best Cosmetology School they could find in Orange County. That school is Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy in beautiful Santa Ana, California. Centrally located in the heart of OC, and accessible from a multitude of different freeways, our safe and modern multi-level campus offers cosmetology students the best of all worlds. We’ve got a world-class faculty and staff, excellent schedules and hours, financial aid to those who qualify, we’re members of all the best organizations and accredited through the State, and we’ve got the best cosmetology school facilities in Orange County and one of the best Makeup Schools in the entire nation.

If you’d like to set up a quick chat and find out more about Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy, please visit us at and learn more about all the courses we offer and how we can help you kick-start your dreams in 2016! Call us at (888) 463-7869 today and let one of our friendly admissions experts answer all of your questions!