Barber School Prepares Students for a Dynamic Career

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Attending barber school is a practical option for finding long-term, satisfying employment. The program at Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy requires a total of 1500 hours of coursework and takes around 15 months to complete. Students prepare for employment with barbering classes that mix traditional classroom learning with lots of hands-on practice. There are three major areas of study. The first is training in hair dressing. Hair styling and cutting are included in this segment, along with permanent waving, chemical straightening, hair bleaching, and hair coloring. This segment requires 1100 hours of study, and the majority of the time is devoted to hands-on practice. Barber school students also take classes in shaving and in health and safety. These components are each 200 hours long.

Barbering Classes Emphasize Practical Application

After finishing the program, students receive a diploma certifying that they have finished. Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy (COBA) helps its students to take the California Barbering and Cosmetology Board exam. Once students have passed their exam, they are ready to find a job as a barber. COBA students make connections while studying with professionals in the field. These connections can help them find a job after they get certification. Find out more about the barbering diploma program at COBA and apply today.