9 Ways to Look Straight Out of Crazy Rich Asians

If you’ve seen the movie or read the book, Crazy Rich Asians, you know the Youngs always look like a million bucks! But keep your wallet tucked away. You don’t have to sacrifice your savings to look the part. Here’s how!

Based on a Book

Cover yourself just like the book! Take your daily routine one step further with a warmed, watermelon blush and a raspberry lip, just like the picture. The woman on the cover has got you covered! You glow, girl.


Ever heard Jaclyn Hill talk about SBN: Smoky But Natural? We sure saw a lot of this look among the women in the Nick’s family. Take your favorite nude mid-tone brown and pack it onto your lower lashline and across the outer two thirds of your lid. Blend outward and finish it off with a light, thin wing. What a natural beauty.

Glammed Up

Think you can’t tackle a night-out look? Oh GLOW UP. When and doubt, smoke it out. Take a dark gray or rich warm brown and shade in the outer lid. Highlight your inner corners with a champagne-y silver, smudge a touch of black shadow along the lash line and bam. Consider yourself glam. Talk about eye candy or even (Nick’s) arm candy!

Teal’s the Deal

Remember that GORGEOUS ring?? (More like rock). Well ROCK that look and sparkle the same by putting a matching shade of shadow on those lids, or “wing it” with electric liner. For fair ladies, try an icy aqua. For mid-toned women, try a vibrant turquoise. Deep ladies: work a rich teal. Or mix and match. You can make the perfect shade as customized as the heirloom itself! Your eyes will POP like fireworks on Chinese New Year.


Wearing one of the looks above? Now complete your full face with full brows! Use the corners of your eyes as a guideline for how long your brow should be and mark lightly. Take a pencil and with medium pressure apply a clean line along the bottom of your brows. Blend upward with a spooly, pluck out those flyaways, and you’re done! If you’d like a crisper look, apply a small amount of concealer with a flat brush just beneath your brow. Talk about clean!

Let’s Be Blunt

These crazy rich asians are blunt, in personality AND style! Modernize a sassy, blunt cut with long layers around the face, a side part, and even highlights for dimension. Bold AND sweet!

Hold Your Curls!

No, literally. If you’re having trouble getting your hair to keep a curl like Rachel can in humidity, coil it up fresh off the wand and let it cool in your hand next to your head. Drop it and watch that strand boing! Consider your locks locked. You could even try pinning the curls to your scalp and letting them cool anywhere from 10 minutes to even overnight. And heeelllllooooooo Rachel!

Need other curl-holding tips? Try second-day hair, volumizer/dry shampoo for body and texture, and of course, lightweight hairspray. (You don’t want to weigh down your masterpiece.)

Blonde: Not Dumb, Platinum!

Like Awkwafina, yes you can. (And should!) Any girl can pull off blonde so long as it is the right shade. Identify your skin tone and go for a mane to match! If your undertones are peach or red, try a golden honey blonde. If you are olive toned, try natural beach blonde. If your undertones are blue or pink, try icy or ashy blondes.

Dreading the Maintenance?

Ask your stylist about a root tap or a root smudge! Problem solved.

Overall Style

Not to be confused with overalls… who can even compete with Nick’s family? You. That’s who. Volumize that hair, flash a chunky necklace, and channel your inner Kate Middleton. Try solid patterns, blazers, form-fitting dresses, and sophisticated Ann Taylor-esque statement pieces. Here are some more tips on how to look tailored and fabulous on a budget!

You don’t have to be crazy or rich to pull off Hollywood-worthy looks. Check out our blog and Instagram for more DIY beauty looks!

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