5 Tips for Researching the Right Barber School for You

Going to barber school is a great way to start a fulfilling career in a short amount of time. Before you sign up with a school, you need to do some research to make sure you’ve found one that will give you the skills you need. An education is the first step to a great career!

  1. Ask Local Professionals
  2. Ask local barber shops and salons where they look for new hires. They will be able to tell you which schools produce grads who are ready to get to work. You can also ask managers and barbers which schools they go to give guest lectures. This is another way that established shops find new talent.

  3. Tour Schools
  4. Plan to visit potential schools several times. Drop in on classes on different days. Be sure to see classes on several subjects, too. Check to make sure that students have a lot of hands-on time with clientele, not just mannequins. Getting a barber license requires practice on real people.

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  5. Get Honest Reviews

  6. Call recent grads. Most schools will have a list of recent grads who will talk to you about their experience with the school. Make a few calls and ask about how their job search has gone.

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  7. Ask About Placement Rates

  8. Ask about how many students pass the state exam and get jobs. Going to barber school can be cheaper than a four-year college, but it’s still a big expense. You want a school with a good reputation so you can find a job fast.

  9. Ask About Business Education

  10. Find out how much instruction time is about professional and business skills. You need to know how state laws work with actual shop practices. You also need to develop good habits in school–arriving on time and ready to go, working well with others, and making a schedule are all skills you should learn.

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