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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Next Steps: After Graduating from Cosmetology School in California

Life is great for graduates of Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy in Santa Ana, California. Our fun and fast-paced program allows cosmetology students to succeed in their chosen field and move on to a successful career in Hair, Beauty, Makeup or Nails that will change your life! After graduation, you are probably thinking of a million […]

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Becoming a Successful Freelance Cosmetologist in California

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a Freelance Cosmetologist in Orange County, you’re probably attracted to the flexible schedule, being able to choose your own hours as well as landing some really great private clients out in the field, that you may not otherwise be able to work with if you’re stuck in a salon […]

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Becoming a Professional Manicurist in Orange County

Nov 15 2015

When it comes to some everyday luxuries and things that both men and women seemingly can’t get enough of, many things come to mind – from lattes and massages, to mud masks and body wraps, there are quite a few luxuries that we as a society may take for granted, but would probably really miss […]

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Pursuing a Medical or Master Esthetician Career in California

It takes a unique person to want to become a medical esthetician or master esthetician in Orange County, California. For starters, you may have a lot of questions before you begin your new career within skin care. For example, what differentiates a standard Esthetician from a medical esthetician and advanced esthetician in the state of […]

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Making a Living as a Freelance Men’s Barber

When you think of a barber, you might think of the man working down the street providing hot shaves and clean cuts to the guys who probably wouldn’t set foot in a beauty salon. However, there’s a new breed of barber out there: a men’s freelance barber. Working as a freelance barber has great benefits. […]

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