Finishing School, Getting a Cosmetology License, and Getting Hired

Get your cosmetology license.There are two routes to obtaining a cosmetology license in California. One is to do an apprenticeship program. The other is to go to beauty school. One of the major benefits of going to school is to meet different teachers and get their different approaches to beauty regimens. Teachers will also write letters of recommendation or be able to introduce students to salon owners or others who may hire them after graduation. Students also form friendships with classmates. These friendships may bloom after graduation into business partnerships and professional support.

Make Professional Connections at Beauty School

Once the cosmetology program is completed, students must pass the state cosmetology board exam. After that, students must take and pass the Board of Cosmetology licensing exams. Upon passing the exams, the student then receives a cosmetology license. Being licensed is the key that opens up employment in the beauty field. Job placement for students who complete the cosmetology program is very good. Graduates work in diverse fields. Some build up a clientele at a major salon and are happy with that. Others choose to open their own salons. Many graduates use their license as a way to travel. Cruise ships are great places to work. Fashion photographers often employ cosmetologists, and many travel the world on shoots for magazines. Find out about the cosmetology program at Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy.