Get a Cosmetology License and Do the Barbering Crossover Program

Get a cosmetology license at COBA.A cosmetology license is a great way to start a new career. Cosmetologists are able to do manicures, skin care, and makeup. They also learn to cut and style hair. The cosmetology program takes around 10 months to finish for full-time students. Those who would like to expand their career options can take the barbering crossover course. This four-month program expands the knowledge of hair care for cosmetology students. So after just over a year in beauty academy, grads should have a wide variety of highly marketable skills.

Make the Most of Beauty Academy with the Crossover Program

The barbering crossover program goes into all aspects of hair care, for a total of 400 hours. It focuses on practice. So students develop their own hairstyling methods and techniques. There are 20 hours of classroom time, and 45 hours of practice. They also do a lot of practice in shaving and hair cutting. Crossover students work on giving perms and chemically relaxing hair. They learn coloring and bleaching techniques. Students also learn the details of sanitizing their tools. In addition, they learn how to work within state regulations. Students prepare to communicate clearly with clients to help them decide on the best styles and treatments. Finally, the program gives students a good basis in anatomy and physiology. Students get a great balance of lectures and practical skills.

At the end of the program, students can take the exam for their cosmetology license. They are also ready for the barber’s license. These skills will open more doors for students as they go to search for a job. Find out more about the barbering crossover program.