Read about the makeup artist program at Colleen O'Hara's Beauty Academy.The cool thing about the makeup artist program at Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy is that it only takes six months to finish. Those six months are quite a whirlwind. Learn facial anatomy, infection control, and the tools of the trade. Once students have a solid foundation, they move on to other aspects, including color theory. From there, students are able to begin to learn the practical skills to be professional makeup artists. They learn the difference between makeup for teenagers and for aging skin. They learn to do makeup for men, as well as stage makeup. Beauty school covers specialty makeup, too. Practice stage makeup. Work at creating specialty makeup for special occasions, especially weddings.

Beauty School Can Prepare You to Find Job

COBA students also learn the business side of being a makeup artist. Teachers discuss the business of makeup for 15 hours of classroom time, and there are six hours of practice time, too. They spend a total of 25 hours working on their professional portfolios. This is what you show to clients so they can see the kind of makeup you do. Finally, students work at professional development and communication for 20 hours of their makeup artist program.

Being a professional makeup artist is a fun career, but also competitive. Teachers at COBA work hard to help students get the skills they need to succeed.