Colleen O’hara’s Beauty Academy in Orange County, CA Provides Skin Care Courses

Caring for the skin is a science and one that requires the knowledge and skill of people who are specially trained in that area. Skin care specialists are also known as estheticians and they work in the field of cosmetology. Before they can be noted as a skin care specialist, people who are interested in this field have to attend an accredited skin care school and meet the requirements of the state to be licensed. Skin care courses are specially designed to help students meet the requirements and become licensed professionals.

The Advantages of Graduating from a Professional Skin Care School

Attending a professional skin care school in Orange County is a great way to make a start toward attaining the skills needed to become an esthetician. Once they have acquired the requisite training, estheticians can go on to work in spas, barber shops, salons, hotels, cruise ships and resorts. The school you attended can greatly increase your chances of being hired by a top of the line employer. There is also an opportunity to work within the medical field as a paramedical esthetician. Those who work in this area do so under the supervision of medical professionals while patients are being prepared for treatment as well as during the healing and recovery processes. Employers are more likely to hire those who attended a school they know and trust.

The Knowledge and Skills of Skin Care Technicians

Cosmeticians possess and are taught special skills that are necessary to make them successful. It is a service oriented profession which means that the skin care specialist must possess customer skills. Here are a few skills that are necessary for this profession.

Listen Skills and an Eye for Detail: They must be good listeners and have an eye for detail. That set of skills will help them to identify the needs of their clients and offer them the best course of treatment for whatever problems they may have.

Good Hand-Eye Coordination: Skin care specialists also need to have good hand-eye coordination because precision is the needed when working with skin treatment procedures.

Subjects Covered in Skin Care Courses

Skin care courses cover a number of subject areas. These include waxing, skin analysis, sanitation, anti-aging techniques, microdermabrasion and basic massage. Courses are structured to ensure all the areas relevant to skin care are covered.

Potential Benefits of Being a Certified Cosmetologist

Becoming a trained cosmetician will give you the opportunity to become a professional in one of the most lucrative and stable fields of employment. As a service-oriented job, even during times of slow economic performance people will seek the services of local professionals to help them treat their skin and keep it healthy. People cannot hire automated services to perform this task so the need for skin care specialist will be in demand even when other areas are affected by an economic downturn. Forecasts indicate that there will be continued growth in the beauty industry. There is also the plus of being able to start your own business, become a manager and work internationally among other benefits.