Make-up Artist Training Classes and Cutting Edge Techniques from Orange County Make Up School

Makeup has played a vital role in helping men and women look their best throughout the centuries. Makeup is used to alter or enhance one’s appearance so that flaws are hidden and strong points are highlighted. Makeup can be used to achieve dramatic effects such as in scary movies or to highlight one’s simple beauty. The professionals who work to help people achieve the desired look are known as makeup artists. You may realize from applying your own makeup, and the compliments you receive that you have a natural talent for that art. You may dream of turning your talent into a career and possibly one day working behind the scenes of a great movie as a makeup artist. Attending a makeup school Orange County and getting licensed is the only way to get your dream on the road of becoming a reality.

Career Opportunities in doing Makeup

Going to cosmetology school and taking the makeup courses they offer requires an investment of time and money. There are several career opportunities that you can embark on as a makeup artist, and these include:

  • Working in a department store or salon.
  • Freelancing and doing makeup for special events such as parties and weddings.
  • Working in a haunted house.
  • Working in the advertisement, music, photography, film or television industry.
  • Working in the fashion industry.

The Importance of Enrolling in a Reputable Beauty School

While it is good to obtain your license as a makeup artist, the school you attend can make all the difference in the start and growth of your career. Both consumers and prospective employers will most likely want to know where you obtained your training. By choosing to enroll at a reputable college you would have already given yourself a great platform from which to start or enhance your career. The school you attend acts like a brand and will greatly influence the employers and customers you are likely to attract.

If your potential customers and employers are going to be choosey then so should you. It is best to attend a school that has built for itself a reputation of turning out some of the best makeup artist in the trade. The school you attend can also make a difference in the sort of salary that you attract. A media makeup artist requires special training from a reputable beauty school.

Makeup Programs Offered by Makeup Schools

Makeup programs are consists of both theory and practical sessions. Some of the courses offered include:


  • Basic principles of wardrobe styling.
  • Balancing skin tones for different film and lighting.
  • Finding clients
  • Marketing yourself.
  • Client’s expectations of their makeup artist.


  • Preparing the skin for camera makeup.
  • Custom blending foundation.
  • Principles and application of blush, highlight and contour.
  • Lip shaping, color blending and correcting.
  • Makeup for older skin, men and children.

Potential Benefits of being a licensed/Licensed Cosmetologist

A licensed cosmetologist has many opportunities to land lucrative jobs and earn very good salaries. These range from freelancing to working in a reputable salon, working on ad campaigns, for magazine or fashion photographic shoots, and working behind the scenes for a film, movie or music video.