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Category: Esthetician

Go to Esthetician School and Travel the World After Graduation!

Did You Know? Did you know esthetician school is a great choice if you want to travel the world? It’s true. Most people think of a diploma from a beauty school and picture working at a salon. Lots of grads do work at salons and spas, of course. Some even open their own. However, an […]

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Becoming a Licensed Esthetician

Mar 07 2016

How would you like to spend every day at the spa? Imagine it, lights dimmed, soft music playing and the smell of essential oils relaxing your cares away. As a qualified Esthetician, this could be your reality! An education at Colleen O’Hara’s, Orange County’s longest running Beauty Academy, is the first step in taking your […]

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Becoming a Skincare Specialist in Orange County

Dec 21 2015

If you have always dreamt of a career in Skincare and Dermatology and not exactly sure about how to go about becoming a Skincare Specialist in Orange County, read on! With so many choices in the cosmetology schools that claim that they specialize in Skin, Dermatology or Esthetics, it’s tough for the average student to […]

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Pursuing a Medical or Master Esthetician Career in California

Nov 09 2015

It takes a unique person to want to become a Medical Esthetician or Master Esthetician in Orange County, California. For starters, you may have a lot of questions before you begin your new career within skin care. For example, what differentiates a standard Esthetician from a Medical Esthetician and Advanced Esthetician in the State of […]

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Why Estheticians Need to Go to Cosmetology School in Orange County

Oct 26 2015

If you’ve decided that you want to be a Esthetician in OC – either cutting & styling hair and providing hot shaves or providing other Esthetician services for a living, you may have a lot of questions and might be wondering what it takes to kick start your career as a Esthetician, or what your […]

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How to Choose the Best Esthetician School in Orange County

Sep 21 2015

So the big day is finally here. After years of hard work, focus and determination, you’ve finally graduated and are ready for the next big step towards choosing a career. Some of your friends are off to local junior colleges, others a 4-year university, some immediately join the workforce while others become a part of […]

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