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How to Start Your Own Barber Shop in Orange County California

Jan 25 2016

If you have been researching owning your own Barber Shop in Orange County, and are wondering what it takes in order to kick start your life and get a career in the ever-changing and always paying barbering and cosmetology as well as the growing men’s hair care industry. Perhaps you’re a fresh out of high […]

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Making a Living as a Freelance Men’s Barber

Nov 02 2015

When you think of a barber, you often think of the guy working down the street – providing hot shaves and clean cuts to the town’s male population, ones that probably wouldn’t set foot into a “salon.” But there’s a new breed of barber out there, especially here in Southern California, and that’s a men’s […]

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Becoming a Barber in Orange County: Cutting Men’s Hair for a Living

If you’ve decided that you want to be a barber in Orange County – either cutting & styling hair and providing hot shaves or providing other barber services for a living, you may have a lot of questions and might be wondering what it takes to kick start your career as a barber, or what […]

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What is a Barber Crossover and How Do They Differ from a Licensed Cosmetologist?

Jul 13 2015

So let’s say you already know you want to be a cosmetologist, or that you’ve already completed your cosmetology coursework, including the 1600 clock hours and earned your diploma & California Cosmetology license. That’s where the Barber Crossover training and courses come in: The Barber Crossover study program includes a secondary 400-hour course that has […]

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