Beauty Academy for Skin, Hair, Make Up and Nail Care in Orange County, CA and Surrounding Areas

Although the specific requirements may differ, all states require that cosmetologist obtain a license to practice. You must be 17 years or older and a graduate of a licensed cosmetology school then go on to sit and pass the states licensing program. The beauty school in Orange County offers those who desire to enter the lucrative field of cosmetology the opportunity to receive comprehensive training that will prepare them for the licensing exam. Students receive both theoretical and practical training in areas of cosmetology and esthetics.

Why Beauty Schools Offer Proper Training and Education to Pass the Licensure Exam

Beauty colleges in Orange County offer beauty courses that are developed with the sole objective of furnishing students with the professional attitudes, practical skills and theoretical knowledge that will help them achieve success in the profession. These courses will also equip students with the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to qualify for and pass the California State Board Licensing Examination.

An adequately tailored training and preparation course is necessary because the Cosmetology Diploma Exam well structured and challenging. Most exam pass scores are set at 75%. The exam is composed of two parts, a written test and a practical. The written test may be based on subjects, such as chemical services, scientific and basic concepts, hair designing and physical services. For the practical exam, students may be asked to do processes such as chemical relaxing, hair lightening or hair coloring, hair shaping, thermal curling, chemical waving and blow-dry styling. Students need to ensure that they choose to attend a licensed beauty school in Orange County and one that offers continuing studies because even as after becoming a licensed professional they will need to do periodical renewal courses.

How a Licensed/licensed Cosmetologist can Start a Better Career

Today’s consumers are much more skeptical about the people/businesses they hire for their service. They are far more likely to ascertain your level of diploma and ensure you are licensed to offer the service before they purchase your services. Consumers are also far more likely to hire the services of a cosmetologist who has proven to be knowledgeable and display professionalism. This is important if you intend to start your own business. The same attributes are valued by prospective employers as they aim to staff their business with the best in the field. If you desire to work with a respectable company as a cosmetologist or esthetician your qualifications and professional attributes are the keys that will get you through the right door.

The Most Popular Jobs in Beauty salons

Today’s beauticians need to be versatile because salons now offer clients a range of services. The most popular jobs to be found in beauty salons today are:

  • Colorist
  • Hair Stylist
  • Nail Technician
  • Make-up Artist
  • Electrologist
  • Esthetician
  • Beauty Salon Manager
  • Receptionist

Potential Benefits Being of a licensed/Licensed Cosmetologist

As a licensed cosmetologist you are equipped to work anywhere in the world. Your diploma serves as your pass to the gateway of the world where you can travel and embark upon exciting job opportunities in various industries. You can now work in prestigious hotel salons, the movie industry and travel the world catering to travelers on a cruise ship.