After Graduating Beauty Academy: Tips for Renting a Booth at a Salon

The next step for many who finish at a beauty academy is looking into a booth rental to get their career up and running. This can be an exciting time, but also a bit confusing to work with a salon owner. The easiest way to understand it all is to think of it as a […]

Go to Esthetician School and Travel the World after Graduation!

Did you know esthetician school is a great choice if you want to travel the world? It’s true. Most people think of a diploma from a beauty school and picture working at a salon. Lots of grads do work at salons and spas, of course. Some even open their own. However, a cosmetologist license can […]

Read our Time Management Tips for Success in Cosmetology School

If you’ve made the commitment to go to cosmetology school, you need to think about time management. The program is meant to take 13 months to complete. It’s so important to finish on time. Students who finish on time are much more likely to get a job. The truth is that people who don’t finish […]